Anyone else love Michael Stars tops?

  1. I love Michael Stars tops! :heart: I just bought two today, one at Saks, the other at Nordstrom when I went to return a pair of Juicy terry cropped pants I ordered, but didn't like.

    Here's the first one, the color I got is olive green -

    The second one, but the one I bought is bright coral -

    Is anyone else addicted to these tops? :wlae: I wash them over and over again, but they continue to keep their shape. Love that!
  2. i really like them in theory (thick enough to cover bra lines, not so thick they're bulky and not soft....and very long torsoed) but the whole "one size fits most" thing doesn't work for me. my boobs are apparently not most. :sad:
  3. I love Michael stars tops. I have tons of them.
  4. I love their tanks :smile:
  5. I love them and have several different styles. They really do hold up well to washing/drying. comfy and versatile!
  6. I like them because they are so practical.:heart:
  7. sadly, i am not one of 'most'
  8. I do have to say that not all of the styles look good on me. The longer, tunic styles don't work with my figure at all. But the ones I have are great! :wlae:
  9. i love michael stars tops!!! the fabric is soo soft and comfy, i could sleep in them! lol they also fit me very well and keep their shape after washes!
  10. same here! i'm not so huge on top but bigger than most i guess and i don;t like my ladies hanging around for the whole world to see so as much as i love michael starrs tops, they don't really work for me. i have one that fits well. BUT he makes nice maternity tops that i lived in during my pregnancy. i guess ironic that during pregnancy when i was huge, the tops fit me, but not when i'm thin-haha!
    that's what is great about bags! they are with you thick and thin- fat or skinny! always there!!! don't you just love handbags?!!?!?!?
  11. just a heads up, i was at anthropologie yesterday and they had a bunch of them on sale, plus an extra 30% off the lowest ticketed price. i'm not sure if the extra 30 is still going on or if it was just over the weekend, but it might be worth a look :biggrin:
  12. !!!!!! Thanks, amanda :supacool: There is an Anthropologie about 15 minutes from work. Maybe I can give them a call and see if they have any left, and stop by on my lunch hour.
  13. i love the tanks! i got a few on sale from revolve a few weeks ago, great deal.
  14. I have a Michael Stars tshirt fetish...There I said it...Over shoes and Bags, I'm obsessed with them. I have more Michael Stars than anyone I know. I want there to be a Michael Stars customer contest to see who has the most so I can win and prove my loyalty to the brand. Sick I know but I actually have pictured myself being recognized for this. I've discussed it with friends.
    Before I had kids I was pretty small chested and didn't like the way ordinary boxy Tshirts looked on me. So, somewhere around 1990 I started searching for female fitted, vibrant colored tshirts and I found them. Thank you very much. :yahoo:
    My favorite thing is to buy a few fresh white t's for the summer. They are the only ones that don't hold up that well to laundering.
    P.s. 0279 one of my favorites...isnt' available on the MS site anymore.
  15. I know this is an old thread that's been brought up, but I have been seeing a lot of these shirts at TJ Maxx lately for really cheap! The one size fits most thing really confuses me though...they look really tiny and short! I'm not big up top, I'm only a B, but do these...I hate to say it..really hug your stomach and creat rolls...? wow...that sounds pretty bad...but that's what I hate about too tight of shirts!