Anyone else love matching sets?

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  1. hey guys, just to pop my cents in - I'm obsessed by matching sets, currently curating a Cipango gold epi obsession with a keepall 50, poche homme and a pochette accessories (on the way). Also love stacks of luggage and monogram bags stuffed with monogram slgs. Anyone obsessed like me??
  2. I never realized I am a fan of matching, but apparently I am! I just looked in my Neverfull DA and saw a DA cles, DA Josephine Wallet, DG zippy, and DG key pouch!
  3. I really like it when it comes to luggage and travel accessories (I have a monogram set, a monogramouflage set, and a damier ébène set). I don't change my wallets daily so they don't always match my bags and that's totally okay. I just don't like matchy-matchy for clothing (monogram belt + monogram shoes + monogram scarf etc).
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    Yes, I definitely love matching sets! my 3 SLGs are monogram canvas and Im looking to purchase a bag in monogram too. I also like coordinating but not necessarily matching them as well - for e.g. SLGs in a similar colour scheme or mixing different canvases
  5. I didn't think I used to be, i mix my black epi wallet with a monogram multicles like fabuleux as I don't change them however I've discovered my passion for trying to collect matching luggage pieces for my keepall. It's in Cipango gold which can be hard to find for uncommon pieces and especially hard for hard sided stuff but it's a treat when you do find it!! J19 I too love monogram slgs they are fairly practice and look good! Must admit my new stuff hasn't been hard wearing tho :sad:
  6. Is it ok to say that im overly obsessive and want one of the same thing in different prints?! Lol

    I have noticed tho when i dont match so much with my slgs i find my things easier.

    But it aint no shame in the matching LV game!☺️
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  7. I love the look of matching sets, especially on luggage, as it panders to my OCD but in reality I start to get lazy and when I change bags it's just too much of a hassle to start changing out my SLGs as well.
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    I am an OCD sufferer also. :nuts: I've been trying to suppress my SLG's procreating, but I just purchased a new DE multicles, which I know I won't carry with my mono bags. <lol> (All current SLG's are mono :shocked:) Guess I will buy a pre-loved mono multicles. I really want the older zip around key case/pochette but I can't find one in good condition with a reasonable price.

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    [GALLERY=media, 215]My lvs Cipango gold epi travel by Jags posted Aug 13, 2016 at 4:42 PM[/GALLERY]Love it!!!! Matching monogram always looks good! Here's my LV pieces that I currently have with me in France whilst I'm away on holiday. So versatile!
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  10. I love for my wallet to match my bag or at least complement it. Beyond that, I'm cool with having a variety of prints. But I just cannot resist a wallet to match my bag!
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  11. I used to be matchy matchy, but got tired of switching out of everything. I would have the exact match in a wallet, wristlet, and other SLGs to my bag for each bag. I gave up and just buy what I like even if it doesn't match. I kinda like having every item in a different print from the others now. Makes it easier to quickly grab something out and not accidentally grab the wrong SLG
  12. I used to mix and match my prints, but lately I've been very matchy-matchy by accident. I ended up with a bag full of monogram or black epi. I think I like it for now...
  13. I usually only buy mono wallets and SLG's and wear it across all other LV canvas prints and leather bags
  14. Yup! All my SLG are in monogram print (aside from my key pouch). I'm more inclined to buy monogram printed bags just because I know all the SLG I'll put inside would match :lol:
  15. OCD here as well~~

    I have to do the wallet to the bag...used to be worse as I need agendas and key chains but stopped myself..

    I try not too but have done shoes too...

    Its so satisfying..but I do try hard to stop...
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