Anyone else love Clatterford?

  1. I recently discovered the show Clatterford. It is so funny!

    It is on the BBC channel. At first I thought it was another "village life" drama like Coronation Street. Clatterford is structured like CS but instead is very funny, in a witty and subtle very British way.

    The show is written by Jennifer Saunders who wrote and created Absolutely Fabulous.

    Anyone else love it???
  2. Apparently the show is known as Jam and Jerusalem in the UK.

    Here's the BBC website for the show

    Dawn French has an ongoing big role as the village schizophrenic. VERY funny!
  3. I Want to watch it - just checked my BBC America listings through Wednesday and don't see it - when is it usually on? I love British comedy and especially mystery.
  4. It's on Sunday mornings. Several episodes in a row.

    You can go to
    to find the show times and listings.

    I love BBC mysteries, too. I go to the website above to discover when they will be on. A&E used to show classic British mysteries. Now they are into reality shows about vain people like Blow Out and Work Out. Boring.

  5. BBC America has great mysteries on Mondays. BBC Mystery Mondays.

    Just viewed a good episode of the series: "Waking the Dead."

    I realized that when I quoted Blow Out and Work Out, I should have attributed them to Bravo.

    But my basic point still remains:
    A&E used to give us high quality shows like BBC classic mysteries. Now we get crap like Dog the Bounty Hunter. Yuuuuck.
  6. I was SOOOOO excited about seeing more episodes of Clatterford this past Monday.

    I even set my alarm clock so I wouldn't miss anything.

    But because of Mothers' Day in Canada and the States, we had an Absolutely Fabulous Marathon instead.

    I LUV AbFab but I wanted Clatterford more!

    I will reset my alarm and hope to view more Clatterford this coming Sunday. There may be a Victoria Day something-else marathon so my emotions are on stand by.

    I remain a devoted Clatterford (aka Jam and Jerusalum) fan!!!