Anyone Else Looking For Black Gryson Olivias! :)

I just ordered one earlier today and i am SOOO excited !!! is going out of business or something and they have the gryson olivia for $447.50 DOWN FROM $895!!!! :smile:
they only have black leather but that was A OK with me i am sososososososo excited, and i wanted to write a thread just about this because with all the sales going on someone could miss this who wants a gryson as bad as i do! :smile:
YAYAYAYAYAAYY i cant wait for it to arrive! and what a price! for the large size, ive only seen this great price on the skye-the smaller version which would not work for me!

Ok thats all :smile: goodluck anyone who wants it!!


Aug 23, 2007
Blue State
I paid a similar price at the Nordies sale (440.90). It is a good deal and I have not seen a better one other than on ebay. Some woman find the Olivia large, but if you are not super petite and are more accustomed to larger sized bags, it will be perfect for you! Congrats again :nuts::tup: