Anyone else living in small town America?

  1. I love high fashion and my bbags, but I live in really small town America. Anyone else? My town has about 3,000 people, maybe more or less. I have lots of friends, but only one fashion friend. We both have designer clothing and handbags, but no one else to appreciate it. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  2. Hi Shasta!

    Don't be discouraged. Although I've never technically lived in a "small" town, I can sympathize... my interests have always been different from everyone else's. I didn't exactly grow up in a cosmpolitan area... more like the locus of many small towns.

    That's why I love the internet! Places like this and music forums (my other obsession) are a great outlet and resource to find others that share your interests.

    I moved out-of-state to a pretty major city to attend college and also studied abroad in a major world city... it was the right move for me but if you are staying put just turn to us, and your lovely friend, for support!

  3. yep!! There are only about 6000 people in the town where I live, but lucky for me Chicago is less than an hour drive away!
  4. I lived in a couple different "smaller" areas of Illinois - but anytime you tell someone you're from IL, they just assume you're from the city of Chicago! ;)

    I agree with echoluster, places like tPF are great to talk to people with common interests and perhaps even find people close to you that like the same things!!

    I just moved, so even though its not exactly a small area - its still like I'm on my own little island, cuz I'm not working or going to school yet, so I don't really know anyone - so its nice to meet people here that know about purse obssession! :graucho:
  5. I live in SLC, which isn't exactly a small city, but it has no high-end shopping. The nearest place to me that carries Bbags is in Las Vegas, which is more than a 7 hour drive.
  6. Funny you should ask that. I lived in Huntington Beach, CA until last month and I now live in Gilbert, AZ. The BEST move I ever made! I'm in the east valley and there are still dairy farms around. LOTS of vacant land, and I can smell cows when the wind turns. I can be in Phoenix/Scottsdale in 30 minutes where theres a huge selection of Bbags at NM. I couldnt find any on Orange County! I wouldnt live anywhere else. My area is considered rural by the post office. ha. LOVE it!
  7. I wish!!! I've lived in Orange County, Califorina my entire life (except for 4 years in LA during college and 3 in SD during Grad School)...I would LOVE to spend some time in "small town" America...right now, I'm about as far away from "smal town" as one can get....:cursing:
  8. I do It's about 2 miles wide and about 15 miles long, it's actually an island. If the bridges were gone I would be cut off from the mainland. Miami is about 1 1/2 hours away, so that's where I go when I want to shop. There is nothing down here except specialty shops and Coach store. So it's either Miami area, the iternet or order by phone to get handbags and other things. BUT I love it and wouldn't trade it for anywhere else. The weather and water are wonderful, and I feel like I am on vacation every day of my life. How much better can it get than that? I love to fish, dive, go out on the boat and I have Key West anytime I want it. :love:
  9. i live in a tiny town too. no one would even know who chloe or balenciaga are. i carry the bags because i like them, i don't really care if anyone knows who makes my bag or how much it costs. it is kinda of frusterating buying bags though, even the nearest big city has a poor selection. i bought my chloe bag without even seeing it. i never saw a balenciaga until i went to chicago.
  10. I live in a town of about 5000. No one here knows what Balenciaga is, either, but that doesn't matter to me. I'm about 45 min. from Jacksonville, FL, but I've never seen b-bags sold there.
  11. I'm from a small town too. I live on an 80 acre horse farm in a fairly rural area, and the closest big city is Pittsburgh, which is a 60 minute drive from where I live. I don't see many b-bags in my neck of the woods. I still get plenty of compliments on my bags when I'm out and about, even though most people don't know what a b-bag is. I think it's neat that lots of people can and do appreciate the style and beauty of the Balenciaga bags without knowing it's a designer bag.
  12. I moved from a big metro city to a small town of 75,000 three years ago.

    It's beautiful here but everyone looks like they dress from the sports dept at Walmart. Rich people wear Eddie Bauer. Everyone always looks like they are going hiking. I think I have the only cute purses in town.

    Food is bland. People here think pastrami is an ethnic food. The sushi at the deli has imitation crab meat.

    There is a wonderful city 1 hour away so I go there whenever I can. I will move there later this year. Can't wait.

    tPF is helping me hold on by my painted fingernails until then!
  13. It is so nice to know that there are other tpfers out there in small towns. I guess all that matters is that we appreciate our own fashion. It sounds like you just described where I live ProfNot!! Thank goodness for TPF!
  14. Oh, God do I live in a small town!!! I actually live about 30 miles south of the Little Rock. Our population is under 3000, we have 3 red lights, and we just now got a Wal-Mart(yes, we think we are the **** now.) Even in Little Rock which is a pretty big town doesn't have anything that is really "high-end". You never see LV, not even fakes really, and you are considered "well- off" if you carry Coach, and there is ALOT of people around here who have never even heard of Coach. I live in the country, out in the boon-docks, where I can watch deer out of my kitchen window (my hubby has actually killed deer off of our front porch:crybaby: ). I swear we are NOT rednecks, which makes me feel completely out of place around here not having "Git-R-Done" stickers all over my vehicle, and not flying a rebel flag on my front yard.
  15. No but where I went to Boarding School and College - they were SMALL town schools - LVOED it!!!! It was awesome, although looking back it would of been nice to have more to do on and around campus - but looking back, I wouldn't change it for the world....Now I am in Chicago - that certainly doesn't qualify! HA!HA!