Anyone else likes Swarovski? My new addition to collection!

  1. I know mostly we speak here about diamonds, Tiffany etc. Unfortunately, I cannot afford even the smallest diamond at the moment, so instead recently I've been quite addicted to Swarovski jewelry. It's affordable and IMO simply gourgeous. Anyone else like it? Check my new addition to my collection, which I bought today- a great round pendant, like the one in this picture.
  2. That's really pretty!!!!!!! :love:

    Congrats!!! :yahoo: I think Swarovski has some really fab pieces!! :nuts: :yes:
  3. gorgeous! i love swarovski! got a tennis bracelet of my best friends for my 18th last january but i lost it :| i cried alllll evening when i lost it and i was out that night at a concert so i cried the whole way through! :sad: too bad i cant even afford to replace that at the moment im so skint
  4. That is very pretty. I have a bracelet from Swarovski.
  5. Very beautiful! It is so hard for me to go to the Swarovski stores because I see things I love every time! I got a gorgeous pendant there last year and a crystal bracelet.
  6. I make my own with swarovski crystals. It's so much cheaper and you get to be creative with designs.
  7. I LOVE that necklace. It's super classy. I love Swarovski crystals and use them a lot in my own jewelry designs. :smile:
  8. Very pretty, is it silver or white gold?
  9. I Love Swarovski!!!
    I bought a ring and matching earings yesterday!
    check them out
  10. i used to work at Swarovski and my favorite part was the jewelry allocation we got. my favorites are their little drop earrings, which i still wear all the time. i'll have to post my collection up here.
  11. To my ears, "Jewelry Allocation" has the unmistakable ring of a basic human right.

    Where's Kofi? I demand mine!
  12. Beautiful necklace!
  13. Gorgeous necklace!! I have many sworvoski necklaces and I really like their designs.
  14. I love Swarovski! They are insanely popular in HK (and now starting to in China, too). My mom is really into the crystals and necklaces.

    I think they have great items at very affordable prices and IMO, crystal is so much more worry free while still maintaining quality that fashion jewelry made of plastic and glass just can't.
  15. My watch has Swarovski crystals.