Anyone else likes Marimekko bags?

  1. A few months ago I fell in love with Marimekko bags. They're Finnish, made from canvas and have colourful prints. Pretty good quality too, I would've liked to buy the whole collection!

    At the moment I've got a small black and white bag, and a blue flower tote, as you can see in the pictures.

    I don't see them that much around here, so I was wondering if there are other Marimekko fans out there?
    bag_marimekkoblack.JPG bag_marimekkoblue.JPG
  2. Their fabrics are really pretty, but I also like their plain fabric bags. I have a friend with the Magneettilaukku, and it's a sturdy durable bag.[​IMG]
  3. I like their fabrics a lot, and I think my sister has one of their bags, but I dont own one myself. If I run into one for a good price I might get one though!
  4. I love the fabric - I have a shirt from them, but do not own a bag. I think they've opened a store in MD recently.
  5. Uh oh, I'm smitten!
  6. OH I love their bags! And everything else they make. I actually have the pink poppy bag like your black and white polka dot purse and a black and white feather bag like your blue poppy! I picked them up in England, where they were cheaper than in Iceland (surprising, since they're Scandinavian).
  7. I love them! My boyfriend is obsessed with Marimekko so we have all sorts of their stuff. The handbags and cosmetics bag are of great quality! It is getting much easier to find the US, which is great! They've made a bunch of stuff in conjunction with Anthropologie recently. :love:
  8. I love Marimekko prints! I have the same blue poppy tote as shown in the first post and some sheets which I love in a print called Kukkula (means "hill") from Crate & Barrel, which sells their bed linens made to fit American bed sizes. I have often seen small Marimekko accessories like umbrellas on sale at NMLC.

  9. I never knew they made bags, but I do love their sheets. I still have the first set I bought almost 10 years ago.
  10. I love their prints too! I just learned about them recently, but I'm totally feening for something from them.
  11. Great to see more fans! :yahoo:

    I do love all their other stuff too: the fabrics, clothes, etc. And I've looked at their Anthropologie stuff, but they didn't ship to Europe sadly.
  12. How weird, this brand is from my homeland, I´m surprised anyone even knows it!
  13. They're finally available en masse in the United States--they're opening up what they call "concept" stores here--thus far, Miami, Cambridge MA and Washington DC (Silver Spring) have them.

    Online, go to have a great selection.
  14. ooh just checked out the website-- such pretty things!
    thankyou for that