Anyone else like this bag?

    This is the Shimmer Check Iron Demi Bag. I love it. I am getting it. I am either ordering it or taking a trip to Neimans when I go to Boston. I love the size of the bag, right now I am into anything really big. Does anyone have this bag or likes it and is thinking of getting it?
  2. I love it too, just can't fork over the money for it right now.
  3. thats a pretty bag:love:
  4. I like it, it's unique for a Burberry. Cute!!!

    Better yet, while you are in Boston - why not just go to the Burberry store, it's NICE AND BIG!!! It's right there on Newbury Street -corner of Newbury and Arlington. Also, you can go to the outlet store that is locate about an hour south of Boston in Wrentham, Mass. Have fun, I was in Boston a year ago at this time ~ great trip, Boston; Cape Cod; Newport, RI; Salem, MA; etc......the list goes on, that's what's nice about that area - your are in driving distance of so many great places!!!! Not to mention my favorite past time - LOBSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMYY!!!!!!!
  5. i like it :smile:
  6. It is cute.
  7. Love it!
  8. Cute! Please post pics when you get it!
  9. i saw it in the store, real cute~!
  10. Perfect =)
  11. it's very cute!
  12. I saw it in the store, and they another size of it called Martha. I am either going to get martha or the demi. Has anyone seen the Martha?
  13. Here is the other size:
    The sizes on the burberry site are listed as "small". In my opinion, I dont they are that small, especially this size. I am probably going to one for christmas. Any preferences?
  14. this one's very cute!
  15. I thought they were small, but not too small KWIM? I like the first bag better, the other one, I don't know maybe with different handles in that size/shape.

    Btw. looks like more in this collection is coming out, so you might want to wait a little longer and see what else comes out. I posted some new pictures of larger bags in the thread I started on this collection.