Anyone else like Sabrina Scala bags?

  1. I just purchased a Scala bag from a local boutique (Canadian). It is a really gorgeous smooshy leather with lots of braiding, in a lovely colour, almost like blush champagne, with soft gold hardware. I have never heard of these bags before, (although I do not claim to be the bag expert many of you here are) but the quality seems very good, and the price was right.
    This is the first non-LV or MJ bag that I have purchased in a long time - but I am truly in love with it.

    Perhaps I wil actually learn how to add a picture here soon!

    Tocca ;)
  2. You very rarely see Sabrina Scala around these parts of Southwestern Florida, but there is a little boutique on Marco Island that sells her bags. Love the leather. Very well made for the price.