AnyOne else like Monogram Multicolore Ursula?

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    hey guys~~

    im kinda new to this forum ^^

    i started liking LV a while ago now
    but now. . . im in LVoe with them > <

    haha i decided to buy my very first LV but i have a questions to ask [=
    (im still young and dont have a job but i can still afford one) =D
    -im not gonna ask my parents for the money because im actually old enough to get a job... but im just lazy (: im quite busy with college. . .
    plus my bf doesnt want me to be working ^^

    i know every one is going for the latest LV bags or maybe the most expendsive ones(?)

    but i really like the Monogram Multicolore Ursula and i think its really beautiful & and im gonna get it soon

    but what i really want to ask is, how come not alot of people seem to buy Monogram Multcolor?
    or ive just not seen people with 'em? :S

    or would it be because its not as new as the latests LV?

    -i dunno when the monogram came out so could any one tell me when did Monogram Multicolore Ursula come out?

    i really love this bag because of the colours and the style of the bag.
    im not so fond of the colour brown but i really do love the colour brown on LV bags. :smile:

    i noticed alot of members in this forum go for the Monogram Canvas, Demier Canvas, etc & also the latest LV bags.

    thats all i gotta say really . . .
    sorry about the long post =3=

    please help me out by leaving a comment ^^
    thanks ^^
  2. I personally am a huge fan of Multicolor and love the Ursula. Def a great pic. I think most of the time people dont buy multicolor because its more expsensive.
  3. I love the MC line, but it is very expensive so you don't see it as often. I think the Ursula is very pretty, but I have heard that it is heavy.
  4. i love it, its one of my fav bags.
  5. You see a lot of fakes but not many real ones. I like this bag!
  6. i love the ursula's so pretty, but not very practical for ME since i have a baby and i would be too afraid to get it it seems heavy!!
  7. I LOVE it and would love to eventually buy one.
  8. I have it in black multicolor and I love it. You can wear it on your arm or your shoulder. I dont think its as heavy as people say it is. Almost all of my bags are MC I love it!
  9. I'm a guy and I LVOE the Ursula. I have checked it out in the boutique before and it's not as heavy as a lot of people may think it is. It's stunning in both black or white. I personally prefer white w/ lots of pink, yellow and green since I find the bag very feminine and sophisticated. I say go for it.
  10. Great purse. I love the style and all the hardware. It's a fav of mine.
  11. loves it
    rita is also hot =]
    & no i don't own these..yet*
    everytime i look at these pictures i want them
    then i go into the store and try them on
    and theres always something about them
    that doesn't talk to me..... :'(

    they are hawt nonetheless =)
  12. [​IMG]

    This is mine i LOVE it!
  13. ^^Awesome Ursula itonly4me!! I LVOE the clean patina and the pink LV and quarterfoil smack-down the middle of the fold.
  14. Ohhh I love the MC stuff it's all SO pretty. I only own a Black MC noe and I use it almost everyday I alternate between that an my black dooney barrel if I need something smaller or want something not so noticable for like jury duty or other things. I hope to one day own a MC Ursula and MC Rita but that won't be happening anytime soon but I can always hope. Go for it carry what YOU like not what everyone else likes. I'm going to be one of those grandma's 40 yrs from now still carrying my Black MC noe!
  15. I love the mc lines - it is why I starting buying LV. I have the speedy in both colors. I think you do not see it as much because it is more expensive then many of the bags. The only reason I have not bought this bag is I am afraid that I will not be able to keep it clean.