Anyone else like me? lol

  1. Hi
    I have a decision I want to make. I have these below things on hold. And not sure if I should buy one more thing this month. Or save up for one of the following wish list items I have started lol.

    1. Damier Pochette with Extender (Looks Great on Me)
    2. Damier Azur Pochette (Looks Great on Me)
    2. Mini Azur Pochette (So cute!!)
    3. Mini Agenda in Pomme de' Amour. (So pretty!!)

    The reason why I have them on hold, I just bought two Bandeau's and got my MC Heart. If I add up all my purchases, I know I could of got something else. But I'm so excited I got what I got this month. I never do this, or have the chance to be in Louis Vuitton store that often. :yahoo:

    I've tried other higher priced purses I tried were:

    1. Eliza in MC White (Beautiful)
    2. Epi Petit Noe (Beautiful!!)
    3. Highbury (Beautiful!!!) (hand held but pretty)
    4. MC Black Lodge PM (Beautiful)
    5. Tikal PM (Beautiful)
    6. Keepall 45 with and without strap (Can't wait to get one of these one day)

    There were so many other things I looked at, and loved.

    What I really want and what I'm saving for a Shoulder Purse. These are the top choices I love. But I don't have the money for the above. Maybe in the summer I can get one of the above.

    I must say I love the Riviting Pochette. Its so cute!!! I would love to get one. But I can't get one. So I have to not think about it. But it was just as fun seeing IRL. And trying it on. :shame:
  2. Maybe put the money towards a bigger ticket item like a handbag? Cos all the small things add up to quite a bit as well.
  3. This is what I was thinking as well. But buying a Pochette is more of a want and would make me happy having the Damier Pochette - its so nice and checkered - and would be good for work attire, and casual. I'm really not trying to talk myself into getting a Pochette lol. And I loved the Azur Pochette. And Azur Mini Pochette is so cute. But very small. And I might end up saving my money. For a different shoulder purse.
  4. I am currently obsessing over the small things at the moment LOL. My list looks a bit like yours. I just purchased a Mono agenda, and next is either a mini Azur Pochette or maybe a Damier Pochette... so I say get the agenda and one or both of those two things lol!
  5. I'm trying to save enough money right now to get one on my wish list, the baggy pm, but I keep getting side track and buying other items.:sad:
  6. I actually know I want the Damier Pochette or Azur Pochette or Mini Azur Pochette. Now its the deciding part of do I get the Damier or Azur Damier Pochette. :tender:
    I currently do not have Damier. And it would be my first Damier.
  7. oh, I'm just like you! I want everything, but unfortunately can't have it all! I think you should go with the damier azur pochette for now - it's just so beautiful!
  8. I'd get the Azur pochette :yes:
  9. I would get the azur pochette- and save on the side for the epi noe!
  10. I would get the Azur pochette since we're moving into spring. I have the damier speedy, and it's more of a fall/winter bag...even tho. I'm sure I'll still use it from time to time during spring/summer. My next purchase is the Azur Speedy 30.:p You could always get the Azur now, and get the damier in Aug/Sept for fall! (let the enabling!) Also, I'd probably get the mini agenda in pomme. The color is so beautiful, and if you really want it, you should get it before it's discontinued. Seems like all vernis colors only last a season or so, before they're retired. Let us know what you get...;)
  11. I would get the Damier Azur Pochette as well. :yes:
  12. I'd save for the epi noe!