Anyone else like Etro?

  1. I haven't bought a bag yet but I've been checking them out the last few seasons. They make such whimsicle pieces, I love the fabrics, the paisley and colours. So far i have a few Etro hats and have bought scarves, key chains and a great pair of sandals with the Pegasus on them and paisley from last summer that I just love to death.

    Anyone seen their website? Its just fun. I was so excited to see there was an Etro boutique at the Forum Shops at Caesars when i was in Las Vegas -- I was in heaven -- I just have to go back there and shop away some time.

    Just wondering if there are any other admirers of Etro here.

    When I was up visiting my Mom in Montreal last fall, I took her shopping and while at Holt Renfrew I saw they had Etro on the directory so I took her up to the department and asked if they had scarves .. they brought out a wonderful selection .. and let her have her choice -- she picked a beautiful paisley one with a touch of turquoise .. I think Etro rocks, I just wish some of these designers would make clothes for us with um not so petite shapes LOL .. well at least these guys do the scarves, and I can always do the shoes and handbags, but if I ever find a favourite designer that will make a few larger sizes once in a while, ... well thats another thread :smile:

    I just admire :heart: Etro :heart: and would love to check out some of their Eyewear and home accessory items as well that seem to exist.


    I attached a pic of my Etro hats and those shoes Lol
  2. i like etro, but never like it enough to splurge that much money though :p
    it's just fun to see and keep in my computer, but i never really want to have it.
  3. I've never bought anything, but I do enjoy the look of their things. There was a red handbag around last summer that I would love to have had.
  4. ^^ I like some but not all their bags. I like the logo of pegasus. I saw one bag that I just adored, very whimsical colorful, but alas out of my price range...
  5. I have several items of clothing from Etro. The Bellagio gift shop near the front desk has Etro clothing on sale right now cause they will no longer carry the brand. (Don't want to compete with the Caesars store.)
    I have not been so lucky finding a purse I like of theirs.
  6. I like a lot of Etro items very much (although I think they can sometimes be a tad OTT) and saw a lovely Etro bag recently (the one in the Great Cheap Bags thread, that djgirl1976 wanted!). :biggrin:
  7. I like paisley . . . a lot. I am considering an Etro bag right now, in fact! Here it is:

  8. With a few BIG exceptions, I love their line!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I do. I've had a number of their bags, although I don't have any now. Also, their clothing. Currently, all I have left is a couple of scarves and a pair of shoes. I ALWAYS check their store window out on my walk to work.
  11. I LOVE etro! I think their items are whimsical and fun. I have a great scarf and gloves and umbrella from them.

    This is my swimbag that I use in the summer:
  12. I have always admired Etro but never purchased one. I agree, Etro is full of imagination and a lot of fun. And I love paisley as well. Pricey, however; I guess that's been a factor because I usually reserve spending more on items that I will use more often.
  13. Here's my Etro umbrella:

  14. Etro Suede Glove and scarf:

  15. Maxter- have that same tote and got so many compliments on it last summer. It's a nice way to embrace the Etro pattern!