Anyone else like Dinh Van jewellery?

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  1. Anyone else have any pieces? I have the large link maillon bracelet & intend to buy the necklace soon
  2. I'd never heard of him (her?) until I clicked your link. The jewelry is very modern and artistic! Not my personal style but I do think the pieces are lovely.
  3. Yes not many people have heard of this jewellery
  4. He makes the interlocking handcuff jewelry that they sell fake versions of at the mall. I think I read somewhere that he is originally from Vietnam but started his career in France by designing for Cartier. A lot of his pieces are charms that are tied onto string/cords, similar to the Cartier style.
  5. That is some incredible jewelry! There are no stores in my area that carry his designs but I'm going to check it out next time I'm in LA.

    BagAngel, could you post a pic of the piece you own? Thanks for posting!
  6. theres a lot of pretty jewelry there :biggrin:
  7. I really like his work! Usually the designers out there are too much for me but his is understated while still being bold. I really like the handcuff necklace. :smile:
  8. Will do Copa :smile: just in from a night out with friends so tomorrow ok? LOL
  9. Does anyone here own the silver menotte bracelet? would love to hear how it holds up :smile:
  10. He used to work for Cartier and I think some of his stuff is lovely.

    I have a Pi bracelet and quite love it. It's not the same design as the menotte but is also made of silver (on a silk cord) and still looks great after 18 months...hope this helps :smile:
  11. Just checked out the site. I'm intrigued! Are prices similar to Cartier?
  12. yap,definitely helps :smile: thank you very much :smile:
  13. Cool!

    Just got my first piece in Paris. It was hard to decide between menottes bracelet or ring. I went with medium size white gold. I love it! They were very nice and gave me extra silk cord for different looks. Red, white, gray, and orange-red.
  15. Lovely, congratulations!