Anyone else lettuce paranoid?

  1. I am finding that I am paranoid lately with anything spinach=like, such as lettuce of any kind - that I won't buy or eat it at ALL after the spinach scare :confused1: By mistake I had a piece of lettuce in my wrap today @ lunch and when I noticed I almost freaked! I know I'm being anal but can you be too careful?!? Maybe if I knew more info I wouldn't be so freaked does anyone know if what happened w/the spinach could happen with other veggies/produce? Seems like lots of bagged lettuce/spinach seems to have issue, why is that the case?
  2. Me too...I am afraid of lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, apples, carrots, well, just about any produce that doesn't have to be peeled to be eaten. For some reason avocados and bananas seem "safe" to me, but for no logical reason. :sad:
  3. Did they find the source of the spinach? either way I'm not paranoid about lettuce...just don't buy it bagged and wash it really well. Now watch me get e.coli by next week and die.:lol:
  4. Thankfully, I can't stand the sight, smell or taste of lettuce!:yucky: :lol:
  5. I was watching the news and heard that the "ecoli" scare was over and companies such as Dole were getting help in making people buy spinach again. But yes, i am more paranoid now than before. But i can't say i will never eat bagged lettuce again.
  6. If you steer clear of the bagged veggies and THOROUGHLY wash your produce before you eat it, no worries. I've been a veggie lover my entire life and never had any problems.

    That being said, I won't be buying bagged spinach any more. I'll stick to the loose spinach and wash it well. I know you can/should still wash the bagged spinach, but it costs so much more pre-bagged that I'd rather buy the loose type since I'm going to have to wash it anyway.
  7. the only effected spinach was from the Salinas Valley in Cali, i believe, and the only reason that they pulled ALL the spinach was because after a certain point in the distro process, you can't tell which spinach came from where anymore. thoroughly wash any kind of veggie or fruit that you buy and you should be ok, though.
  8. Oh man... I am totally not eating any bag lettuce's anymore! My mom and I really get a bit health concerned (she used to be health commisioner) so I worry more than needed. The spinach ecoli is over, but ecoli can't be killed by being washed- only by being cooked to a certain temp....
  9. I heard on 1010 wins (news radio station) a while ago to stay away from all spinach, even the loose ones. :s Personally, I don't eat too much spinach, so I will continue to do so! Now I can tell my mom why I don't wanna eat my veggies. ;)

    Edited to add: When you cook it, you have to prepare it, and you risk getting it on your countertop, bowls, etc.
  10. Right, that's what's scaring me! then I wonder, where do the restaurants, delis, etc. in my area get the lettuce. Is theirs bagged? lettuce for me at all! You just can't be too careful I guess.

    Megs I'm glad I don't know all the stuff your mom does LOL. I would probably never eat again!!!

  11. I look at the big picture when these things happen. How often do we hear of things like this in light of ALL THE FOOD consumed in the US? That includes in homes or in restaurants.

    It's really much like people that refuse to fly because the plane might crash. Odds are so against it that it's silly not to fly. Same with any food anywhere.

    This is what I HATE about the immediacy of information on the Internet and all the news networks. They grab what in the scheme of life is a minor thing and make out like it's the Bubonic Plague or something... :hysteric:
  12. ^^ Prada, the voice of reason!! Cheers to you. I'm chomping on a chicken ceasar salad as we speak and I fully intend to be upright for Happy Hour tonight ;)

    Now, I have steered clear of fresh spinach, I'll admit. But my BF and I love to sautee it with a little garlic as a side dish and that would kill off anything harmful I'm sure.
  13. im glad im not alone. Yes I am scared to eat lettuce and alot of the produce on the market. Im going to start buying my produce from a local farm. I read that they said it is much safer that way because you know the exact place your getting it from.
  14. I started looking for local farms too! Unfortunately I'm in the NE and there won't be much now (except apples!) till next summer. What a drag.

    Funny - my work had a pizza party today. The salads didn't get eaten and neither did the spinach pies and any of the pizzas w/spinach on them. I guess I'm not the only paranoid freak LOL!
  15. Sort of off-topic, but remember about ten years ago when people got sick from eating fruit from South America? Well, my best friend ate red raspberries from a country in So. Am. and she got deathly ill for almost six weeks. She didn't immediately connect her sickness with the fruit, but the doctor's kept questioning her and eventually she remembered she had bought a small container and eaten all of them.

    They contributed her illness to the fruit. She recovered, but it took a very long time.

    I have been so leery of produce ever since that episode. Having said that, I love fresh fruits and veggies so I proceed with caution all the time!