Anyone else just not "feeling" the Denim Cabby??

  1. So I just got my Denim Cabby MM from Elux yesterday and when I saw her it was just like, "Oh....." The bag just seems kind of blah to me. Definitely not even a slight heart palpitation from me, it is so depressing because I have been hoping FOREVER that LV would make a black bag with monogram on it...and here it is, and I do not like it at all. Anyone else feel this way??
  2. I had the GM ... I love the style and versatility ... but not the black stonewashed look ... I guess I hoped it would be a bit darker and not grayish ... so I exchanged it for the damier trevi ... now that I am loving!
  3. return the bag if you're not happy.
  4. Yes, return it! I love mine, but it's clearly not for everyone. It's definitely not a true black.
  5. yeah it doesn't help that the scarlett ads make the bag seem VERY dark.

    but if you like the pleat thing going on there are tons of options this season: damier trevi, mono palermo, and mono tivoli.
  6. I had that feeling with the GM, but I love the MM. I'm sure there are lots of other choices out there for you! Good luck!
  7. The pics on the lux site show the bag as much darker than it actually is. I saw pics of other tPFers bag and knew it wouldn't be as dark. But I was afraid it might be too light for my likely. I ended up LOVING my GM. If you're not loving it, defintely return it! Or.. is it possible you received one that was lighter b/c it was dyed improperly? Maybe take it to a local LV and compare? I think I read somewhere that a tPFer noticed her bag was lighter than others that were photographed and got it exchanged.

    Good luck!
  8. return it and get something you love!!! I adore the shape of the Cabby but wish they'd make it in leather or canvas too.
  9. i got excited when LV will be coming up with dark denim but now it's here and staring more at it I find it boring and not for me.
  10. I think it looks great but if you don't love it, then return it and get something you absolutely love. Good luck!
  12. I love mine, but if you don't, then return it!
  13. personally for me the cabby in the ads looks so much better than in retail. anyway it's good for me that i'm not liking the bag as i still have tons of other LVs i want to buy :lol:.

  14. the palermo comes pretty darn close to the cabby! :yes:
  15. It looks practical because of the size and long strap, but I haven't purchased any denim because I've seen the older, well-loved ones and they're too faded for me.