Anyone else just can't read here?

  1. I WANT to see if there is any real news here from time to time, but I just see all these sensational stories about murders and abuse cases and such. I'm not trying to bury my head in the sand, but when you see an insane amount of these things, you start to suspect EVERYONE is a murderer and EVERYONE will rob you, when in reality, it's just not true.

    So... I have to stay away from here or else I get depressed and scared. I wish there was a way to scan for political news or heartwarming news without having to sift through the gruesome tales.

    Am I the only one who feels that way?
  2. I feel the same way, it gets too much to handle sometimes and I have to keep away.:sad:
  3. Same here. I feel so overloaded by it sometimes and icky! But it's not just in this's everywhere! Even comcast news page is filled with stories of abuse, murder, neglect and other news like: woman has giant tooth pulled! or man finds 1 million dollar check and returns it! Couple finds 800lb carrot in garden! Maybe I should bury MY head in the sand and find some peace! Time for media/computer fast for me. It's my own fault for reading these things.
  4. When I saw the title "mum jailed for dumping", I just knew it was a child, but I came in hoping it was something else. I was wrong:sad:. a little depressing you know?
  5. If you think that allowing political discussions here will be less gruesome than serial killer stories, I've got news for ya :lol:

    I also posted a very funny video of Bill Gates but it got 2 responses... so there ya go

    (megs and vlad do not allow politics to be discussed here, in case you didn't know.)
  6. I know it gets very depressing and upsetting,I don't read all the threads all the time. But I do like to remind myself there is a big bad world outside my 'bubble' of happiness,and for the sake and security of my little girl,like it or not,I have to remind myself that its really s**t out there at times and I need to stay aware.

    But saying that,reading the titles alone is enough for me,and I do not like to look too often.
  7. And it's what the news media feeds us. Really, the threads that get the most attention are ones that deal with missing/murdered children, animal abuse and domestic violence. Even when you watch the nightly news, the lead-ins are stories of war, murder and hate. The "feel-good" stories are at the end, just about the time everyone decided to go potty or get a snack.
  8. I agree with you completely. I don't even watch my local news because of all the murders and boyfriends beating up or killing children!! No offense to the men, the Moms do it, too. It's just horrible and there seems to be no end or solution to the problems.:crybaby::crybaby:
  9. I haven't watched local or network news in YEARS. I read articles online that interest me, but try to stay away from sensational journalism.

    It's this crap that makes old ladies afraid to leave their homes. It's why my MIL won't live on the ground floor EVER (someone might break into her window). It's why, even on hot days and living on the second floor, she closes her windows at night so no one will come in and kill her. She mentally and physically suffers because she watches the news and can't wrap around her head that she is hearing of the handful of cases that happen to the few out of MILLIONS in a year.

    I wish there was maybe a subforum that was sensationalist stories and one for news - new vaccines, new treatments for illnesses, studies on autism, etc, how N.H Primary went etc. To have them all jumbled together MAKES you see the disturbing headlines. In a newspaper, you can skip to the section you want and skip all the horrors.
  10. LMAO!! good point, but then again people wont care if the news states someone found a missing dog on the road.

    we just have to remeber that the news is just trying to inform the public [kind of the reason why they expose the criminals face on television] of whats going on. it might feel better to shun yourself away from what is going on in the real world, but sometimes its good to know, so that way you know how to better look out for yourself.
  11. Since I had my daughter, this stuff gives me nightmares (literally). I understand why it's news, though- just because we don't read it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I have this weird feeling that I owe it to the victims that the stories are about- they deserve to have as many people as possible know what happened, so everyone can learn from whatever it was to help prevent it in the future.

    Not that there is ANYTHING at all wrong with avoiding it- as I said, it gives me nightmares to read this stuff a lot of the time.
  12. Same here. I never watch local network news nor national news on TV. I read very little in the paper. I only read articles of interest online. Some may think I've got my head in the sand, but personally, I feel a lot happier not burdening myself with constant bad news.
  13. I think that the nightmare thing gets me too. Maybe I have an overactive imagination or something, but I CANNOT push this stuff out of my head. It's why I can't read thriller books or watch gangster movies or shoot em up movies in general. They haunt me LITERALLY.

    I'm aware there are bad people out there, but the numbers are incredibly small. That a child was abducted in PORTUGAL and we all know about it???? That shows how rare these things are. But they do happen, I know. DH had a school friend from university (one of only 6 in his class) get murdered in her own apt. by a stranger coming in the second floor window. So, I'm AWARE of it happening, and I DID feel better when several years later he was caught... but worrying about these things and reading this things aren't making me safer.

    Locking my doors, not walking alone at night and just using common sense is what keeps me the safest and no one is completely safe ever anyway. I just don't want to live in a world surrounded by so much horror as i CANNOT block it from my mind.
  14. I am old enough to remember a time when it really was'nt like this at all.Its shame its all changed.
  15. Horrible things have been happening since the beginning of time. Just go to your local library and check out old newpapers. The only difference is that now there is an abundance of information out there flying around the world at a rapid rate via the internet. We simply are exposed to more of it now that technology makes everything immediately available no matter where in the world that it happens.