Anyone else isolated?

  1. So, i guess im fairly new to the designer purse game but have already decided Coach is where its at. I have 5 coach bags and have only been REALLY REALLY into coach since... hmm since id say june. But im already catching crap from my family and friends about it. That im ridiculous for spending that much on purses. Even when i just show someone something im called silly. My husband tries to understand and sometimes even points out cute coaches on people before i see them. But hes a guy and still thinks i have an obsession. Does anyone else feel like this sometimes? its like the only outlet i have to talk about my great bags or ones i want to get or ones i like is this place! Its like my little safe haven. Is this just me? or does anyone else catch junk from their fam? or is my fam just REALLY cheap haha.
  2. It seems everyone collects something and they don't realize it until it's pointed out. Take a closer look and remind your loved ones of their obsessions, I'd bet they have something.

    Don't feel obligated to discuss what you paid. You've gotten a good response from your DH, so keep the details between the two of you. If anyone else really cares to know they can check or go into the boutique.

    Unfortunately, friends & family can be envious or critical. Recognize this and find other things to talk about. Enjoy your collection & the safe haven that tPF provides!
  3. I am lucky to have a few friends that share my love of bags in particular Coach. But I have come across several people who think its crazy. I don't let it bother me at all anymore. Other people spend money on things I wouldn't. I would never tell them that their collection is nuts.
    The good thing is that a lot of people in the purse forum are in a similiar boat and thats why everyone loves it here so much. Did you notice how much activity is on this forum all day? So welcome and don't let anyone else make you feel bad or guilty! Enjoy!
  4. See, that's why you need to stick around here! So we can validate your obsession, since we all have the same one. I guess I'm getting old, but I'm of the mindset now that I'm going on 40 and can do whatever I want. Ya know? I definitely have friends/family who would NEVER in a million years buy a Coach (or any other expensive brand) purse. But I also know a lot of people who like Coach as much as me. I just pick and choose who I show my cute new bags to.
  5. Oh all the TIME!!! My best friend yelled at me yesterday because I told her I went to the outlet and got a new bag. In a way I think she's secretly envious but who knows, maybe she's just not into bags like I am. And that's fine...but don't ***** at me about it because I enjoy pricey handbags. If it's an obsession I can afford that's not detrimental to my well-being, then why not? My grandmother and mother have actually become quite supportive of my collection and my grandmom even paid for my bag and keyfob yesterday at the outlet. Do wht makes you happy and screw everybody else!!
  6. OH, yes.. I have the same problem! My best friends think I am crazy.. and my MIL says I could be spending my money on other more important things. I have ONE friend who is into purses... but she lives in CA and is only into LV and Gucci! I like them too but I only have Coach now and she doesn't really like coach so we talk about LV. I wish I could have just 1 close friend that was into handbags in general so could go shopping together to :drool: over bags!

    But everyone has their own thing they are into... some people collect figurines and dolls... I have a friend that spends thousands on upgrading his car with gadgets (like an on board ibook):noggin:
  7. its ok, everyone around me thinks i have an obsession.. (which i do) but i deny and deny =]
  8. I too have this newly inquired obsession, and my fiance hates it, yet he loves to buy his gadgets (video cameras, laptops etc) but has no problem with that. I told him to shutup and be happy that I'm only spending 200-500 on a bag each time and not $1000 like he spends on electronics!!!!!

    So do what you love, it's your hard earned money(unless you won the lottery and want to share the wealth :yes: lol)
  9. Aw... I'm sorry, ptowngurl23!

    Fortunately I live in Hawaii where everyone and their 7 year old daughter has Coach, LV, Gucci, you name it!! One of my best friends really likes Coach, but because of the price she's only bought herself one bag and wallet with my brother's discount when he used to work there. Another best friend doesn't care for anything designer and is a hippie, thrift store gal, but has never made remarks on what I buy except that it's cute. And my two other best friends and I actually pooled our money together one time and bought her a brown suede messenger style bag for her birthday and she loved it. My last best friend (all four of us are best friends) isn't into designer bags either, but admires them. I bought her a striped Coach bag and wristlet last year for her birthday/Christmas gift because she loves stripes. So of course she fell in love with the bag and wristlet.

    My boyfriend is a total enabler. If I show him a bag, he'll give me his honest opinion on it, but he'll tell me if I want it to go for it. When I complain that I could be saving the money (even though I always save 1/3 of my paycheck anyway) he says, "We don't go out (we're big homebodies!!). We don't party. We don't go spend money drinking. All the money we'd spend doing those things would end up being the same as that bag."

    And then my co-workers like seeing my new bags. Quite a few of my co-workers have Coach and LV items, but aren't constantly buying like me. *lol*
  10. Ugh tell me about it! I sometimes have to hide the fact that I purchased a new bag from my mom! She gives me these weird looks, but I just found out that she wants one too LOL!!!! So I am buying her one I just don't know which one yet. I think people give you crap because they are jealous. they ask themeselves why can't i have purse like that. don't stress about it it's not like they pay your bills or pay for your addiction ;).
  11. that's what tPF is for!!! You won't feel isolated over here!!!!!!
  12. When it comes to bag I don't feel too isolated 'cause my sister and SIL are as much into Coach as I am. My mother and MIL completely understand because they love Coach too, they just don't buy as much as we do. What I do with my money and how I spend it is only between my hubby and me. No one else has a say in it. If someone doesn't care for Coach or my obssesion with it, they can save it.
  13. Sometimes - only because I get comments from people about how they wouldn't spend $$ on a bag. That's fine and totally their choice but these same people will spend $35 over and over again on crappy bags. That mentality I will never understand. And, it amazes me that people have the nerve to say this to my face - I would never say the reverse (i.e. why are you carrying that cheapa** bag, even if I thought it!). I'd rather have a few really nice bags that will last rather than lots of junk! But, at the end of the day it is MY money to spend as I wish and if my husband is cool with it and our budget allows it then why not? Each to their own ... :wlae:
  14. I think it's hard for some people to understand, which is why these forums exist! I think almost everyone has some obsession or love of something that most other people don't understand. For example, do you have any idea how many different kinds of fishing poles/lures/tackle boxes/etc exist out there?

    Most of my friends wouldn't drop more than $25 on a handbag, which is fine, but some will spend scads of money on kid clothes, high end furniture, etc. To each her own.

    I don't really discuss it with many people, though; my mom gets it b/c she loves Coach, too, and my DH is pretty supportive.

    I sometimes don't carry a Coach bag b/c I worry about the scrutiny, but I'm pretty frugal in most other areas of my life, so I'm just saving to buy something that I truly love and will use often.

    After all, what's more useful to a woman than a good handbag? :yahoo:
  15. Good. Im glad im not the only one. I have a really great husband in that he really seems interested, and even if hes not you wouldnt know it. I actually met a girl this morning at my sons bus stop who shares my addiction. YAY! And theres an outlet in williamsburg, va about 45 mins away that i think ill be getting my xmas present from *wink* .... one of my friends actually told me i should go to counseling for my addiction. Uh yeah... ill work on that. My bills are paid, my kids are fed and spoiled. Im not taking money out of anywhere it should be, so whats the big deal??? Its hard also being a sahm, its harder to make friends who share the same interests. And being a military family, we constantly are moving. BLAH. Im glad u guys dont think im nuts. I find myself on here like all the time now. Next time they give me crap, i should just say... its not my fault your too cheap to buy anything of quality... You should stop being so jealous and look at yourself before you start on me. Cuz you girls are right i think alot of it IS jealousy and alot of it is SUPER cheapness. Ive seen one of my family members take jelly home from IHOP because they were too cheap to buy a jar. lol. So yeah, jealous cheapskates i say!!!! VIVA LA COACH!!!