Anyone else into Skulls (before the Celebs were)?!?!

  1. Somehow, it seems that B-Bags and either:

    * Piercings -or-
    * Tatoos -or-
    * Skulls

    go hand-in-hand! I have piercings (just in one ear - and yes, many .. which totally throws off all the ultra-conservative people I work with), and I also collect (and have collected for MANY, MANY years before all those stinkin' Celebs started) Skull-head jewelry (especially with diamonds - "Momento Moro" are my favorites!).

    I have Skull jewelry by:
    --> Loree Rodkin
    --> Crazy Pig (UK)
    --> Me & Ro
    --> Ugo Cacciatore
    --> King Baby
    --> GoodArt/Hlywd

    ... and the list goes on!! How 'bout anyone else?!?!?
  2. I love em!
  3. Oh yeah ... I collect Crosses too (oftentimes mix the crosses & skulls together). The funny thing is that people think I'm religious ... quite the opposite. Not that I'm an atheist; I'm an agnostic ... I just like the 'look' of them!
  4. I'm inked and poked :P I'm not a huge fan of skulls, but I do like some skull-themed things. I do, however, love B-bags :nuts:
  5. It has been something that I have always loved. I always was kinda a rocker chick (or so I thought!). I don't really have any Skull jewlery but I'd like some! I have a lot of clothes by Unholy Grail which is into Skulls and such
  6. I LOVE skulls! The only skull related things I have is a thermal long sleeve top by Grail (orange with thumb holes - killer!) and my Alexander McQueen black scarf with silver skulls and snakes.

    I saw a beautiful silver skull ring at a little boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesars. Didn't get it right away. Went back 2 nights later and it was gone! Shouldn't have snoozed on that one. I've not seen another that I like as much since.

    I'm always on the lookout for a nice skull related item!
  7. I love skulls ... and am very sad that Hollywood embraces them as a trend. I've always loved a goth asethetic, but in an Alexander McQueen sort of way. Hyper tailored Hitchcock dresses with something macabre. Love jawbreaker pearls tangled with heavy chains ... Chrome Hearts. I must go buy a large skull ring. Perfect with that French ingenue black and white theme I am currently embracing. Yes, crosses are a must too. :smile:

    Do you like Tom Binns?
  8. Over a year ago I puchased the rhinestone skull and bones necklace by Patricia Field. I wore it everyday to a local music festival and got a lot of compliments.
  9. My wedding dress was a custom made white dress printed with skulls that were a glittery white. After the ceremony, I changd into a hot pink dress with the same print. I guess I am into skulls......
  10. Do you have pictures? I'd love to see both dresses! They sound awesome :nuts:
  11. I collect skull jewelry and small skull printed shirts too. It's annoying because it's so trendy now. I've also got a lot of piercings, mostly on my ears. I've currently got 20 piercings and I've been poked approximately 34-38 times.
  12. I will look. The dresses were both silk and very simple in design. People said from afar the white looked like a simple white gown, then when ou got up close it was the dress of a badass. It was perfect for me, I am not a frilly girl by any stretch of the imagination. But not goth at all, I just like skulls and the odd tat. :biggrin:
    The girl who did the dress has a shop in Toronto called Peach Beserk. Her name in Kingy Carpenter. She silkscreens stuff onto beautiful material and makes all kings of dresses and clothing. I may ask for help in posting pictures. I have included a link to her store.
  13. I collect them as well. I bought a killer diamond skull pendant in Jan and can't wait to wear it (in Michigan I usually have a sweater on). It looks like the Dior one that was in Elle. I also collect Chrome Hearts and Loree Rodkin.
  14. i think skulls are a classic. i have a silver skull belt with rhinestone eyes and a white tank with rhinestone skull for years. i like pretty skulls that smile ;)
  15. Sounds beautiful! Let me know if you need help withthe photos, I'd be happy to resize and post them for you :nuts: