Anyone else interested in the Savannah?

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  1. #1 Mar 10, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2016
    I am very interested in this bag and haven't seen much discussion on it here, just wondering what your opinions are on this bag. It looks very similar to the Sutton, except it has a center zip compartment and two side compartments.

    The medium Savannah in black, white, and luggage just recently appeared on Nordstrom:

    I'm very interested in getting it, because while I love my Sutton, I sometimes don't like the fact that the bag is so open with no closure. Also, I don't like the way the shoulder straps pull on the lining. The Savannah seems like it won't have either of these issues because it has a big center zip compartment and also the shoulder strap is attached directly to the sides of the bag, and not the lining.

    Anyone else eyeing this new bag?
  2. I really like this bag, I just it came with the MK dangly along with the logo it has, I like the extra bling... But then it would look even more like a Sutton [emoji23]
  3. This is nice and looks functional! I like it more than the sutton since it has more of a curved shape around the edges. It reminds me of the camille but in saffiano leather which is more durable. I agree, I did not like the way the shoulder strap was attached on the sutton, it made me nervous when I would pack up my small sutton.
  4. Oh, I didn't even notice it doesn't have the dangly! I like the extra bling as well :smile:

    I love the curved edges as well! :smile: Now the long wait for a sale lol
  5. Have any of you guys owned the savannah in large ? and where is your purse Made in?
  6. I had a Large Savannah,but eventually sold it,it was way to big,I felt ridiculous carrying it,so I would stop reaching for it. Plus i didn't like how the Bag would Sag,weather it was empty or full. I have since then purchased a Small Savannah & a Medium,I love them,perfect size for me,no sagging
  7. I've been wanting to get it for a while now!Thanks for sharing your thoughts ,dear.;)
  8. I have a large Savannah in brick and I love it. I purchased it because I sold my Sutton and started to miss it. The strap is attached a little better so no issue with it pulling. I don't find the large big at all. It's more of a medium sized bag.:smile:
  9. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. :tup:Do you mind if I ask what's your height? And where is your savannah Made in, dear?
  10. Im looking for a savannah satchel cement color myself
  11. i got it in cement from macys and im so confused whether or not it'll go with my clothes! it looks like a light gray and on the site it looks more idk if i should return it
  12. I have a different style bag in cement and I love how versatile the color is! I think it comes off as cream on the side of taupe. It is nice having a light color bag that isnt blindingly bright.

    Cement is not a tan, so I understand being conflicted because it wasnt what you expected. It sounds like you had your heart set on a tan so letting this bag go might be the best thing.
  13. My savannah medium lilla, looks like grey with a hint of purple. It comes with SHW andsaffiano patent leather, still nice and i like it Fotor_15091123634040.jpg but i love saffiano in light color.
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