Anyone else inspired by TLC'c Take Home Chef?

  1. After watching this several times, I find I am flocking to more exotic dishes, and looking at fish more often. Curtis makes it look so easy, and the recipes look yummy. I used Bobbie Flays Throwndown meatloaf recipe and my family loved it, so now I feel like trying more.

    The recipes:
  2. I don't really feel inspired by the show...but I do love Curtis' accent. And the food he makes does look pretty yummy.
  3. I'm sorry. The whole thing creeped me. Some stranger approaching a woman saying "take me home and let me make dinner." Of course there are cameras there, but could you imagine? Oh okay - hope you're not a SERIAL KILLER!!!!:confused1:
  4. ^^It could seem weird since he only approaches young pretty girls,lol!!!