anyone else in love with these?!

  1. No. It's the same old worn out overdone NP profile with a sparkle treatment. You'd think they'd at least detail the types of jewels used for $2,800.
  2. louboutin uses multi colored swarovski crystals. they're very time consuming to glue on the shoes but i dont think that justifies the price tag on the shoes. well people are buying them as they are sold out in some sizes already.
  3. :faint: If I had spare cash i would love to own em'!. :biggrin:
  4. our very own ashakes has a pair and they look fantastic on her
  5. They are gorgeous!!! If I had extra cash I would but them in a second! The strass is just AMAZING to see in real life. I used to not think it was all that until I saw it in real life... :drool:
  6. babyboo, those shoes in your profile pic are AMAZING i am seriously drooling right now
  7. I think considering the hefty price tag you should think about how much wear will you get out of them? Will it be worth it? It isn't my personal taste, but if you love it and you will get use out if and and can justify it to yourself, then maybe you should go ahead. Personally I think it is too expensive - I just doesn't look as 'expensive' as it should considering the price tag. Though i've never seen them in person myself like others here have. Just some foodfor thought.
    Good luck!
  8. I love em'! (I can't afford them, but I do love em'!):lol:
  9. they are gorgeous!!
  10. If I could afford a strass I wouldn't get much wear but I'd still buy them to have one!
  11. Always a strong opinion. :smile: As stated, they are actually swarovski crystals and mine are extremely well made. I'm not saying they are not expensive, but we all spend our money on different things.

    I do own these as well as the Samira Strass and I am glad I purchased both. You can wear the So Private Rainbow Strass more than you think. They go with a ton and can be worn with a dress or jeans IMO. I wore them in Las Vegas for the 1st time and received nothing but compliments. I do own the silver specchio heel version (seen in my avatar) and I prefer those over the blue specchio heel because they are more versatile IMO.

    Thank you sara! :smile:
  12. ^I think they're amazing but waaaay out of my price range unfortunately:love:
  13. If I was able to stretch to these I would have them in a second - they make me smile just to see them :biggrin:
  14. I agree Asha. I wear my yoyo strass probably once a week. They are super versitile! I think the open toe strass are more wearable than the closed toe.