Anyone else in love with Jimmy Choo bags?

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  1. I only fairly recently learned about Choo handbags. I am so impressed with the designs. I love them! They are so cute but in my opinion a bit spendy. I am in love with the Troy oversized clutch in black. At $1150 I can't justify it but I can drool. :drool:

    Anyone else in love with Choo bags?

  2. I have one JC, from a couple of years ago:


    I like these from the Cruise Collection; I particularly like the pattern on the second one and the slashed leather on the fourth one:​

  3. I have 2 Jimmy Choo bags and I love them. I have collected alot of Gucci, Chanel and LV over the years and hands down, my Choo's are my fav. I also love that you don't see them on everyone.

    They are a little pricey . . . but the quality and material is superior
  4. I was in love with a limited edition a few years ago. I believe only 1000 were made and this one cost many thousands. It was a shade of dark green and slouchy and again, impossibly expensive. I do have one pair shoes though...Love them also.
  5. Yes, I love Choo. :yes:
  6. I don't own any but love a lot of them!
  7. I love them, but I don't own any yet!
  8. Chloe, that is a beautiful color! I love it.
    I'm going to try to post a pic for the first time on this forum. Hope it works!
    Here is my one and my only Choo. Anyone else have pics of theirs or styles they wish they had?

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  9. Me Me Me!!! I love Jimmy Choo handbags. :yes:

    When JC first launched their bags (I think three or four years ago now), I was really drawn to the Tulita, which was their first big hit, but I never bought one. A while after that, I also liked the Ross. Then this fall, I did buy a Ramona in bordeaux patent, and I think its a great bag. I get tons of compliments on it. Another one of my favorites from this fall was the Mahala. I wouldn't mind picking up one of those, particularly if they go on sale...

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  10. I Love my Jimmy Choo!

    December06 13.JPG
  11. i have one and i luv it to bits :heart: i love the shape, the interior , the size , and even the colors.The best thing about it is i can use it as a daily bag or for an ocassion, it looks right either way.:amuse:

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  12. I love Jimmy Choo bags! I purchased 5 since my addiction started in October. :love:
  13. To my amazement I went into the Jimmy Choo boutique inside Bloomingdales SF today and saw this beautiful Day Bag! It was absolutely gorgeous!!! :drool: Unfortunately I just bought a Chanel Coco Cabas, otherwise I would've bought that bag. :yes: I still love my Chanel though, but that would definitely be my next bag!!

  14. Thank you! :flowers: The colour's the main reason I bought it! :biggrin:

    I love your Ramona. :yes:

    I wanted one of the original ones, in navy, but I was trying not to spend money at the time. :sad:
  15. This is my favorite :love::love:

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