Anyone else hooked on PUMA's?

  1. I don't know what it is about PUMA's, but I think they are just so sexy and cute. Even though the styles don't change often, the color combinations sure do. That's why I have a closet filled with them. How about you?

    Here are my two most recent buys (from several months ago):

    Future Cat Low

  2. i love the MC queen collection (since im a guy ive only looked at the mens) I like the Nula stuff i saw that at the store they were hot! and i liek stella Mcartneys line or is that adidas?
  3. omg!! i :heart: that white/pink/gray combo!! congrats on the new loot girl!!! where'd you get these pics from?

    and YES!!! i'm a closet puma junkie as well! as much as well love our heels, there are just days i wanna kick back and have coffee in my pumas. ;)
  4. Yes - I love Pumas too! They come in great colors and are so comfy!!