Anyone else here work in Animal Care?

  1. As alot of you know I am an animal keeper. I've seen alot of lawyers, doctors, accountants and such on the forum but do we have any other animal care people in here? Am I the only one?
    I need someone to commiserate with cause I have to work the nightshift tonight and its raining and I'm being a big baby about having to go in. I love my job and all our "babies" in my care but its cold and yucky out and the zoo can be so dark and creepy on nights like this. (lots of animals LOVE the rain too BTW). Think of me while you are all tucked in your warm little beds tonight!
  2. Sorry I don't work in animal care but I just wanted to say that I wish I had your job!
    Working nights really sucks even if you love your job.
  3. I used to be a part time receptionist at a vet clinic.

    Never had to work nights, though.

    I can imagine a zoo would be kinda creepy at night by yourself! :smile:
  4. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician in the State of CA. I started my career in General Practice and moved to Oncology, Research, and now Imaginig specialty (Nuc Med, MRI, CT). I love felines, and my experience is limited to felines and canines. I have seen and care for very few exotics in my career. I know lot of my classmates were trying to get into zoo medicine, but it is tough to get your foot in the door. Good for you!
  5. Are you familiar with the Vet Cancer Center of Irvine?
  6. Your job must be so rewarding in so many ways Bags! I know it's not pleasant to be out there in the wet & cold especially at night but also sure it has such compensations. My son wants to open a wildlife Park & I have a mini zoo here at present, nothing gives me more pleasure than to go to the garden for peace, tranquility & some quality time with his gorgeous creatures who give such unconditional love!
    Haha you will enjoy this, his vervet monkey last year was so ill we thought she would have to be euthanised. I remember spending my whole birthday crying as it was imminent, she couldn't move! OMG it is bad enough to have to euthanise another animal but a monkey would just be like killing a person I could not face it!!!!
    Anyway we took her into the house gave her the appropriate medications & nursed her back to health so slowly. She used to curl up beside us on the sofa & let us stroke her.
    She regained full health against all the odds due to love & attention & eventually could go back out to her friend the capuchin. Now when I go to her enclosure she is again the wild creature that she should be & will slap me on the hand at times & make faces at me LOL when I hold food out to her she is so funny!!
    Other times she will take it gently. Ah I so love them all & their funny quirks!
    You are doing a great job for these creatures who cannot tell us when they are feeling bad! At least when I am feeling low I can complain to all my great friends here poor animals suffer so much in silence!

    So yes in answer to your question you could say that I am an animal keeper as I do all the caring while my son is in love at present LOL
  7. Not really... But I do know all the board certified oncologist in this area. Do you have the name wrong?

  8. so r u in Ireland now BagAngel??? :nuts:
  9. I'm taking vet tech classes online. I started about a year ago but got sidetracked when I got my computer tech job. Now that I'm working from home I am also trying to finish up some of my classes. I know it doesn't pay well but it is my dream job. I love caring for animals!

    Right now at home I have a bird, a rabbit, and two dogs. One of the dogs is actually my brother-in-laws. She's about 11 and was diagnosed with diabetes and is blind. So- I get to "practice" on her. She gets insulin shots twice a day and I test her blood sugar as well. She is actually doing very well right now.

  10. I hoPe you had a good night at work and if not...well it's behind you now! :yes:
  11. I feel like like a zookeeper sometimes - last weekend we had our five dogs, one we were babysitting and houseguests with their lab and it was a zoo for sure:smile:

    Over the years, I have had a pet sitting service, pet supply shop specializing in health food and a grooming salon and I still groom 12 days a month.

    We also have birds and do both canine and avian rescue.
  12. did your night go? you know I'd love your job hehe but have to agree, nights wouldn't be much fun.

    Bagangel...that's such a cute story!! I'm envious of both of you, that you get to care for exotic animals.
  13. ^^^it went just fine. didn't rain much, just a little mist. once I get to work, all the critters just make me smile....