Anyone else here watch "The Biggest Loser?"

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  1. I admit that I'm hooked on this show and am extremely happy to see my girl, Jillian, back!

    I was so disappointed last season when she was replaced with Kim Lyons, so this was a really happy surprise to find her back on board.

    Also, I'm happy to see that "Grandpa" waxed ALL of em re: pounds lost last night!
  2. I think there might be a thread on this in the "Television" forum??

    Regardless, it is a great show! I taped last night's episode, so I will watch it tonight! So excited :smile:
  3. Love this show. It was great to see Jillian. That lady is a machine!!
  4. Jillian is pretty awesome. I can't wait til the other trainers see that shes back. Watching this show motivated me. I had to work out while watching it.
  5. OMG I only got to watch the first hour of the show last night but I am so glad Jillian is back! When I saw that motorcyle coming down the road, I just knew she was there for the ones that didn't get picked! I was feeling so sorry for them! I actually started crying when she said they were the new black team!

    Pappaw is my favorite, I hope loses all his weight!
  6. Yes, there is a Biggest Loser thread in the TV and Cinema subforum. Please keep all BL related convos there. Thanks.
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