Anyone else here think ink is more purple than blue?

  1. I just got my ink day today and it i drop dead gorgeous! Seriously soft, smooshy leather. And, just like a I remembered noticing when I saw ink in Barneys in CA, I consider it to be more of a dark, blackish plum color than a navy blue. More of a purple with navy tones than a navy with purple tones KWIM? Its not a bad thing - in fact I love that about it.

    I guess I find this funny because we were wondering when Balenciaga was ever going to come out with a purple - when they did last spring.
  2. I totally agree...I had an Ink Compagnon Wallet and at times it definitely looked more purple than blue. It changes in every light...beautiful color! Post pics!! :yes:
  3. ^^ yep, i think it's more purple than blue ;)
  4. Mine isn't really, it def is a blue with purple undertones, but its more navy.
  5. ^^^ so is mine. Bal must be using different leather lots (????)
  6. Mine is blue and absolutely does not look purple.
  7. The ink first I had was totally blue but the ink twiggy I had was more purple.
  8. Post some pics !!!
  9. Depends, I have seen Ink bags the look black with purple undertones or dark blue with purple undertones. But my own Ink bag looked like Egg Plant.
  10. I have owned several ink bags and they all varied in their purple-ness. Which makes me a little upset because it's hard to find that "perfect shade" if you know what I mean. I wonder why balenciaga doesn't make their inks more consistent.
  11. Okay - I did my bet to take some pics that would show you an accurate representation of the color. The handle is where the purple tones are the most obvious since the seams are more navy. On the left it is portrayed against a navy blue shirt. On the right, it is portrayed against a dusty purple jacket (the jacket isn't dusty, just the color) - notice how on the right they are much more similar in tone.
  12. Each goat hide will absorb the dye differently resulting in difference in shades and tones. The 'history' of that animal (in this case, goats) actually affects how it's going to absorb the dye and what color it turns out in the end.
  13. ^^ awe, poor little goats (waaaaaaa) :crybaby:
  14. I'm sorry guys - I'm trying to upload the pic, but its not working.
  15. At least they didn't die in vain. We get to tote them around the city in different colors, different sizes.:nuts:

    And I'm sure in goat world, it's truly an honor to become a Balenciaga leather :yahoo: