Anyone else here like to can?

  1. I just canned up 5 pints of tomatoes with peppers from my garden! :nuts:

    I love canning and making homemade jams, etc. Anyone else here like to do this? I found it is a great way to store the bounty from my garden, and take advantage of fruits at the farmers' market. I usually can up 2-4 flats of blueberries for our weekend waffles and to put on toast, too.

    I started canning after our power went out for 4 days one time, and all the stuff in my freezer went bad.:sad: It makes great holiday gifts, too:idea:
  2. I love eating that stuff! My mom has always made home-made good. However last summer she made me go picking blackberries with her, too many spiders for me!!:lol: I do like helping her though...when we're in the kitchen.
  3. Yeah, the spiders seem to love hanging out in the blackberries. After living in Oregon, where the blackberries are MONSTROUS!, and take over EVERYTHING (I've seem houses covered by them!), I've lost my taste for them.
  4. ^ Holy crap!! lol Those are some determined blackberries!!
    Have you ever tried icicle pickles? mom makes those, they are my fav!
  5. I have canned a great deal but haven't in a few years because we haven't had a garden. I mostly do hot sauce.
  6. Oh I LOVE to can things. My fav is Vidalia Onion Relish. YUMMY. I like making jellys too.
  7. I love it! I can every summer. This summer I made three cases of kosher dill pickles, and two cases of jam.