anyone else here from utah?

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  1. where do you get your bags? I have to order my off eluxury
  2. I'm not from Utah, but I know what you mean about ordering from Elux. I am so envious of all the people that have an LV within an hour of their residence.
  3. I know! I wish they would have a boutique here! I would much rather go to a store and look at the stuff in person
  4. i went to utah 2 weeks ago. its so pretty!
  5. I don't have an LV near me either (I'm from PA) so I totally understand :crybaby:
  6. I don't live in Utah, but I know what you're saying about having to shop on Elux. That's why I love seen people on here model their bags, I wish I too could go to a boutique and see the bags in person. I hate living over 2 hours away!
  7. I acutally like ordering from Elux because of the ****** and occasional free shipping.
  8. Ditto. And no sales tax.
  9. Utah is ok. I've lived here my whole life and i personally think it's boring as hell lol. Thank god for comcast on demand and this message board lol.. And thank god for babies. I play with my baby all the time!! he's so cute i wanna eat him up