Anyone else here "feeling the season"?

  1. I have always planned on adopting a child (and that has not changed) as some of you may have read in my earlier post. However, I'm having some mixed feelings all of a sudden in regards to having one of my own. I just started a new job, and FIVE of the girls there are pregnant. My SIL is going to find out this week if she is (cross your fingers for her!), and my sister is trying very hard to have one herself within the year. Not to mention all you tPFer's who are preg. It's an epidemic as of late, and recently, I've felt myself swept up in the frenzy.

    My period was 3 days late this month, and was extremely light when it finally came (which never happens to me), I was feeling bloated even after, MAJORLY overheated, had headaches, slight nausea, and even a little dizziness. I'm sure you can all guess what I convinced myself it was. I was getting quite excited at the thought, to be honest. I loved the thought that my SIL and I may well be pregnant at the same time, as we are very close.

    But, after 3 trips to the clinic, it turns out it was just a stomach virus. Yes, a stomach virus. Even for someone like myself, who has Never, ever planned on having biological was kind of disappointing.

    Anyone else here understand what I mean by this post? I know I shouldn't even be thinking about kids right now (we're not financially ready), but this experience kind of showed my just how much I want them. Waiting sucks.:sad:

    It also brought up the question of my plan to adopt. I kind of want the pregnancy experience now...should I have one and adopt another? Or should I let my morals take over, and pass up pregnancy in favor of adopting more children? Do you think this will all pass? Lol. Perhaps I should wait until my emotions calm down to think about this. TIA for any replies. I know this post was mostly nonsense.
  2. It was not nonsense! If I were in your position I think I might seek out the most reasonable person I knew (friend, family member) and sit down with them and have them "coach" you through your decision in a pragmatic fashion, KWIM? I would not expect to have a perfect "right or wrong" answer to this issue. So take your time and work on it. And feel free to chat with us too!!
  3. Thanks Irishgal! I always feel free to chat with you ladies, Lol. I don't know what I would do without tPF.