Anyone else having trouble with this site?

  1. I cannot read most first it was really I'm getting "that page does not exist" ...I don't understand what is going on. Everyone else having that problem?:confused1:
  2. It was talking so long for the pages to load a while ago, but it seems fine now.
  3. Yes I was having trouble. I would have to reload the page 4 or 5 times to get it to display.
  4. Just checking because I didn't know if it was Comcast or the site having problems.
  5. Yes, I am having trouble, too. I get a message saying that the site cannot be found on the server.
  6. yes me too. I'm getting the 404 not found error page
  7. Vlad is on it:yes:
  8. yay for Vlad!! :yahoo:
  9. :yahoo: Yea!! Thanks Vlad... I thought I would just mention, I am still having the problem in the designer sub forum areas, but not in the other areas...
  10. yeah Vlad. I am at work trying to get my Purseblog fix but I can't read half the stuff. I really hope that this does not cut into their wonderful vacation.
  11. Thank you :biggrin: I was thinking it was just my stupid connection.