Anyone Else Having Problem Calling JAX???

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  1. I've been trying to call JAX (using # on website - 800-262-6224) and I keep getting a recorded message saying "that number is not available from my area - I'm in the SF Bay Area in CA) - is anyone else getting this? I tried from two landlines (home and office) and also my cell -same message all morning. I did email them but it usually takes at least a day to get a response with email.
  2. It's actually 888-262-6224. That might be the problem!
  3. "the toll free number you have dialed is currently being checked for trouble"
  4. ha!
    I tried the wrong number, as posted in post #1!
  5. Yeah - I think they made a mistake while updating the Coach site because my cache is always cleared and the 800 # was clearly posted on the site - after I emailed them, I got a reply in like 2 minutes to use the 888# number and when I refreshed the site, the number changed to the #888 - sounds like someone in programming made an updating error while working on the site for the new releases this week.