anyone else having picture probs?

  1. I'm noticing in threads, when pictures are attached, the thumbnails for some or all of them won't show up at the end of the post...anyone having the same prob?
  2. I only have trouble when people link their photos as opposed to attaching them.
    If people attach them, I have no trouble seeing them.
  3. ^^Yep, same here. Regarding the linked pics.. my firewall blocks most of them. Attached pics are fine.
  4. I've been having problems for about three days.
  5. Is there any way I can set my firewall so that all the attached pics come through? It makes me sad when I cant see the hottt bags :sad:
  6. Thats happening to me to...It happened last nite then It woked NOW I CAN NOT SEE SOME PICTURES all I see is

    Attached Thumbnails in a square
    HELP ME PLEASE:nuts:
  7. you may have your security settings too high. What browser are you using? Are you seeing little x's?
  8. Please point me to threads that have images broken.
  9. ^^ ditto! this is happening for me too...all of a sudden it starting doing that, the other day...
  10. Since yesterday, I've been having problems reading threads and posting pictures. But this has also happened to other forums and sites I frequent. Since I'm technologically-challenged, can someone please explain to me if there's any danger in assigning low security settings to sites, even trusted ones like this and the Liverpool forums I visit? Many thanks.