Anyone else having paypal troubles? I'm getting ticked here...

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  1. Is anyone else experiencing company wide glitches with paypal right now?

    I can't log in. I can't pay from a remote site. NONE of the paypal pages are working except for customer service which is only half-functional. Regardless of the question I get the same two answers over and over from the virtual agent.

    I tried to email, no luck, it won't go through.

    I tried to call Customer service for a live agent. Each time it rings twice and disconnects.

    What the heck is going on with Paypal?!

    This is enough to make me angry enough to delete my account. But I'd have to be able to log in or get someone on the phone to even do that! :cursing:
  2. I'm having a problem as well- it won't let me log in.
  3. I just logged in without a problem.
  4. One of my buyers sent me a message saying she was having difficulties too. Hope it gets resolved soon!
  5. I had problems earlier tonight trying to pay for my ebay purchase but i kept trying and it worked eventually. I wonder what is wrong with it?
  6. I made a payment for an ebay item yesterday evening and my account shows the payment is completed, but I received a message from eBay a couple of hours ago that the payment did not go through. Wonder if this is something to do with the PayPal issue? I don't have a problem logging in though.

    Sure hope it gets resolved soon!!
  7. The ladies on the ebay clothing board are complaining too. They must have done some "upgrade" that backfired.
  8. great just what we need more problems! i havent had any yet but i am sure i will be next lol.
  9. I was having issues too.
    It also kept showing my account as unconfirmed, even though it's been confirmed for 7 years..

  10. Well, I finally got the payment to go through and was able to log in. But the frequency and extent of paypal's little "issues" is getting ridiculous.
  11. Hmm worked perfectly for me. Maybe things have resolved already?