anyone else having major life problems? (kinda a vent)

  1. anyone else having major problems in their life? I have so much going on and I think im starting to get a little depressed :yucky:

    - I dont know when im moving to missouri (from NOLA) since my dad still hasnt gotten his official offer letter from his job (it was supposed to be october 28th, but now we dont know :sad:)
    -My (ex)boyfriend who dumped me a coupel weeks ago bc he "cant date barn cusomters" (his mom owns the stable i ride at - but thats a bunch of BS) has a new girlfriend, and today i saw courtney (his new gf) ON TOP OF HIM with their hands all over each other in the hall....umm, get a room?
    -My grades at school suck because i cant focus on anything because of ex bf and moving crap
    -My horse trainer was yelling at me today because he said i was out of shape (i havent seriously ridden in about a month because the rings JUST got put up like 4 days ago!!!!) and blah blah blah..and then he was like "are you ok" and i started bawling. can you say embaressing?
    -my parents dont understand that i cant concentrate and refuse to help me

    ahhh im sorry this is so long and im sorry if this is like one big complaint i just have so many problems and i dont know what to do :sad:

    thanks for letting me vent:shame:
  2. Awww. Some weeks (and months) are just really bad. I'm certain you have better times ahead. Sounds as if you just have a bad coincidence of major stressors right now. Be sure to enjoy a balanced diet, get enough rest, and maybe treat yourself to some minor luxuries - like a pedicure or massage. Best wishes!
  3. sweet heart .. i feel for u *hugz* ..

    i face few things that i really need 2 get over'em, they;re not soo big deal issues for some but they r for me

    - getting a job
    - driving license

    lot more but those 3 are main ones :sad: wish me luck girls
  4. hugs the tide will wash over itself things can only get better from here on in
  5. just keep telling yourself, "this too shall pass!", because it's true.
  6. You will be OK..**HUGS**....Think positive.When Im down..I go get a manicure-pedicure..Find some way of de-stressing!
  7. Really great advice, that's what I tell myself when things start to get rough.
  8. Ah, to be young. I used to struggle with tons of anxiety/depression due to teenage stressors. The world can seem really inhospitable when no one understands the things you're going through...

    But that list is just too many things to worry about. Of course you're stressed out. You need to reduce the amount of stress in your life. Do your best to forget it, and worry about your sanity instead. You can't make the world around you perfect, but you can at least make your mood improve.

    Baby steps like a trip to the smoothie bar, alone time out of doors, and a good book always help me get into a better headspace.

    Once you have a handle on your inner psyche, the rest of the world doesn't seem as important anymore and things just work themselves out, I promise.
  9. Ahs-- sorry about your problems:sad:

    I ride horses as well and believe me, you will bounce back to your top form in no time!

    LOL its just like riding a 1300 pound bike!! :smile:
  10. Sounds like you're going through normal teenage stressors and your parents are just forgetting what its like to be your age. They are probably stressed out themselves with the big move.

    With your move to another state your ex-BF troubles will soon be forgotten and you'll have a whole new crop of boys to "concern" yourself with :smile: You'll also have a whole new crop of teachers and a chance to improve your grades. Don't blow out getting good grades, they really are important. You're already an experienced rider so it shouldn't take long to get back in the groove.

    It seems very overwhelming right now so take a breather (get some ice cream, a pedicure, movie with a friend) and know "this will pass".

  11. Oh, you poor thing. It's hard being a teenager, isn't it? :sad:

    Trust me, your ex boyfriend and his new squeeze aren't worth stressing over, though. He'll probably have dumped her, too, in a couple of weeks and even if he hasn't, so what?

    It's an old cliché, but there are many more fish in the sea and next time, try to cast your net at one that's a little less slimy! LOL! :flowers:
  12. Things will get better and one day you can look back and laugh at the exboyfriend and the things he did......I know school has so many pressures. I hope you have a good circle of friends that can help you deal with the stress. I am sure you love riding the horses and I think once you get back in to that it will help with the stress. You are in control of the horses and it must be really neat to ride and accomplish things with them. That sounds like so much fun and it must be a challenge but very rewarding. When we lived on 5 acres my neighbor had horses and when she went away to horse shows I would feed her animals and I loved the horses so much. Just brushing them and talking to them made you feel calm. School will get better. I know you probably think your parents may not understand or perhaps even listen like I am sure most teenagers think of us but maybe you can write your parents a letter about what is going on in your life and ask for their help input. My one friend has a large blank book and her daughter and her write back and forth to each other (this also opens them up to talk). He daughter may post any question, problem or just thought in the book and her mother has to now is almost a game each morning for one of them to get the book. So maybe if you feel they are not listening this might be something you could do. Remember you are not alone. We are here for you and today it won't seem as bad as yesterday. As for your ex and his new girlfriend don't sweat it, you are way too young to get bent out of shape over this, I do not mean this as a insult but I am saying don't waste you time over him, there are more boys out there that can appreciate you and treat you better. We have all been there in our youth and it does pass.
    Hugs to you.
  13. yes... about a month ago, my bf who's been with me for 7 years and live together for 6 years said to me that he thought he's in love with someone else. with a girl she just knew for 10 days...
    i was soooo devastated, but luckily i got my friends who helped me a lot through everything and now me and my bf is still trying on our relationship.
  14. Yes. Major life problems. Thats me at the moment.
  15. I have a few issues too right now but we must tell ourselves to toughen up and ride this through. Things will get better eventually... :flowers: