Anyone else having issues sending messages on ebay??

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  1. Is any one else having issues with ebay message system? I try to contact sellers about things im interested in and it will not send it. They seem to have changed the format again im really getting frustrated with this.
  2. Nope. It works perfectly for me. Maybe your cookies are blocked? It just annoys me that the "ask a question" button is at the bottom of the listing.
  3. me too, but when i try to send it after typing a get an error like message.
  4. Have you restarted your computer/laptop? I think if I got that message, my Internet is really slow and I just restart my laptop to get my Internet working again.
  5. no, i will try it. i had to add the seller to favorites then write them directly because it wont from the item. says "that isnt working right now please try again later" or go to my ebay,or messages? lol wtf
  6. I had this problem earlier, it appears to be okay now though. I guess it was just a system glitch...
  7. Just typical eBay glitch, every now and then.
  8. Im also having the problem...for two days now.
  9. No problems here, the past couple of messages I've sent through have gone through all right.

  10. well it worked today so far. i wish ebay would stop changing things so damn much.
  11. Its been working fine for me. Have had no trouble sending or receiving messages.
  12. most likely a glitch
  13. A buyer of mine stated that she was having problems thurs & fri. As a seller I had no problems contacting her, though.