Anyone else having AOL issues?

  1. I cannot send mail, check my mail or access any mail on AOL or remotely from All I get is an error message. I am in the middle of trying to send information for recommendation letters to med school and now my mail crashes. And of course AOL offers no support to its "free" customers, so we are just screwed. I noticed that on two different computers today when I went to log on it showed another screen name as if someone else had used my computer, but that is not possible, as both were locked up between uses by me. I guess the time is coming when I will have to switch to another e-mail provider, but I have used AOL for about ten years now so everyone has that address! This is so frustrating! :hysteric::shrugs::tdown:
  2. I use AOL, let me see if I can sign in. BRB

    ETA: Nope, signed in fine, reading emails as we speak.
  3. Weird. When I could access their error message board there were numerous complaints of people getting the same result, but hubby can sign on to his, as well. Some people said they have not had access to mail for several days now. I hope AOL will fix it, as this is my main source of communicating with students and my son!
  4. I hope you can too honey, I know it's the only way a lot of people can get hold of me as well.

    You know, I've used AOL for what, 11 or so years, I've NEVER had a problem with it. So many people complain about it. Maybe I'm just holding my mouth right? LOL!
  5. there was an AOL update recently..Did u get it?
  6. What browser are you using? and what's the error message?
  7. i am able to access my AOL today in Atlanta. i use yahoo! and AOL both for emails. hope you are able to resolve your problem....
  8. Mine works too.
    Speedy-wow! We've been with them since we got out first computer and they offered "gateway net" then switched over to AOL and we haven't had a problem *crosses fingers* so...about 9 years. Lol.
    And yeah, like Jill said, you should get the update if you haven't already...that could be part of it.
  9. I'm fine in the UK but the search function weird at the minute anyone else?
  10. is working today, and I have only had one four-hour period where mail did not update. I don't think I have seen any recent updates, but since I have a Mac and AOL doesn't work well on my Mac (again, the mail locks up) I use 99% of the time. So fingers crossed that it keeps working.
  11. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed!
  12. Glad to see I am not the only one still using AOL.
  13. AOL barely works on Mac Leopard :cursing:
  14. So do I :yes:

    AOL on OSX worked much, much, much better than AOL for Leopard - which has so many bugs it's ridiculous :yucky: - I can't use it at all! :cursing: