Anyone else having an Oscar party? Ideas/feedback

  1. So my DH and I usually have a big Superbowl party, either at home or in Vegas. But since we lost our built in sitter (oldest son went college), vegas was out...and we just had a big party for son's friend last I decided an oscar party was in order.

    I got a suite at the fairmont and invited 7 girlfriends. For invites I got really cool oscar history books! We are going to relax by the pool (I hope it's warm enough) In the afternoon we are having mani's, pedi's and massages.

    Lots of good food, and wine. Swag bags, trivia contests and prizes, and rooms for those who want to crash :smile:

    I am so excited :yahoo: !

    Am I forgetting anything?
  2. That all sounds wonderful.

    Chocolates wrapped in gold foil.

    Or, get cupcakes (gold . . . you know, vanilla ones) and have them decorated with frosting Oscars!
  3. Mmmmm- yes



    Where's my invite??? :crybaby:
    I want to come!! :yes:
    Can I wear a gown and a tiara??? :queen:

    It sounds like sooo much fun!!

  4. Yes. My invite. Where is it? I checked my mail and nothing there. :p

    Seriously I would pop on by if I had an invite... love to travel (check avatar) and I could bring some chips... and salsa... lol.
  5. You guys didn't get your invite either? :shrugs: I seriously don't understand, maybe the mail is just slow or something!!!
    Your oscar party sounds like SO much fun!!!! I want to have one now.
  6. Thanks ladies, looks like next year I need to plan for a bigger
  7. Our mail system sucks...... feeling optimistic thou, I know the invite is in the mail. :yahoo:
  8. Ga.. it would be fun to have a TPF SuperMeet around one of these events...
  9. Now that's a great idea!
  10. Twinks... I feel something here.....
  11. Twinkle.. I accidentally deleted myself from this post but a WW meet would be fun. Let us all know if you have anything in mind. I am sure the rest of us are ready assistants!
  12. That sounds fab! What food are you serving? Are you making ballots so everyone can vote? Do they have the E channel there so you can watch the preshow?
  13. Unforetunatly, I think 3 weeks would be a little short timing for I am sure Megs and Vlad might have some thoughts...but I def. think a global meet would be awesome. I have been to :shame: Barbie conventions, a little weird, but awesome...1000 fans together to talk about, drool over and obsess over something that most people just don't get. room sells, contest and just a lot of fun!
  14. That is a great point! I will have to check!
  15. While I, of course, always appear in an appropriate Oscar-viewing ensemble, Mr Puff prefers to stick with his regular Lounging attire.

    Because we both believe that elegant dining is an indispensable element of refined Oscar viewing, I make a point of making sure that our Pizza Design Consultant Team is informed well in advance of the event, sometimes up to half an hour before the last part of the Red Carpet Show, so that as soon as the Delivery Ceremonies are concluded, Mr Puff can feel himself at liberty to dashingly replace his Lounging Trousers with his more formal Lounging Shorts.

    Then, for the next three hours or so, we both give back to the community by sharing our valuable opinions on Oscar wear chosen by all the celebrities who failed to avail themselves of our expert advice before selecting their costumes for the evening. I am sad to say this would be all of the celebrities in attendance. So it is always a very busy night for us.

    Even so, we are thoughtful enough to express our constructive and edifying fashion views loudly enough for them to hear us through the screen, and we make every effort to do so during moments when our mouths are free of pizza, but naturally, the consequences of not having called us are sometimes so very extreme that this is simply not possible, but we are careful to repeat those critiques several times, and of course, go into more depth during the commercials.

    We do gala right!