Anyone else having a shi**y day??

  1. Didn't we used to have a gripe thread?? Can't find it, but my day has turned so crappy I don't want to be alone and surely I am not am I??

    I went to the dr to find out about my side and on my way back blew out my back tire, air conditioner hadn't been cooling good so told them to look at it as well and let me know. Well I am now getting 4 new tires the other's were getting wore as well so hell why not go ahead and put them on. M'am your air needs freon and we need to put leak check in that will be another $100 to your bill ok?? Sure why not.... I have to pay tags and taxes this month as well so lets see just how much money I can blow. Surely my fridge or something would like to act up as well wouldn't it?? What did I do to karma?? I have been so nice! :sad:
  2. I hope your day gets better!
  3. Work was just really stressful today. Lots of changes coming down the pipe and there doesn't seem to be enough time to adjust......I could use a mojito right now. :wlae:

  4. Yes. I just started my first day of university on Tuesday...and I'm already missing high school. I'm just gonna give it some time and see what happens. I'm sure it's just a matter of getting used to.....

    I hope your day gets better!
  5. I hope everyones day gets better...

    I had a pot-head co-worker call in sick today.. which infact she wasnt! ... I think she expects me to "help" her catch up on her work for her.. well, I hope shes feeling better tomorrow.. cause she has a nice pile awaiting her arrival. I'm tired of doing her work for her... yet she's the one that gets paid more...and surfs myspace or singles sites all day... :hysteric:
  6. i'm having a ****ty day

  7. Can't live w/ them or w/o them... :boxing:
  8. So true!
  9. I hope everyone's day improves..

    My day was! I got my first detention EVER. :'( I fell straight up from an extension during cheerleading, and my backspot did not catch me.. I don't feel good at all. I've had a headache for the last couple of days.
  10. Yup-the air conditioning at work was broken all day and it was sweltering hot. Then I found out that I have to meet in person with a teaching assistant I am filing a complaint against to try and "work it out." I contacted her numerous times throughout the summer, she claims she never received the emails even tho I CCed them to the chair of the dept. She gave me a horrible grade based on stuff that wasn't in the syllabus like "packing up my things early" and "taking long bathroom breaks. I am not looking forward to meeting with her.

    I like the idea of this thread-I needed to vent a little bit!
  11. It's hard to make the transition but trust me, college is SO much better than High School. You're going to meet lots of cool people and there's tons to do on campus. Plus you get to schedule your own classes!
  12. Awwww....hugs to you!
  13. Awwww....hugs to you!
  14. Count me in. I've been in bed

    Fever, swollen glands, sore throat. I napped, watched two episodes of I Love Lucy (made me feel a little better!), a investigation show on people who counterfeit money, several episodes of Clean House, Peoples Court, Judge Judy and the movie The Italian Job. I've had a bowl of Minestrone soup, a Caesar salad and a bowl of Butter Pecan ice cream. I hate being sick. Sigh....

  15. tell me about it!!!!
    i rambled an and on about my ex on my thread!!!
    everybodys day is sh* whole week has been this way!!!!!!