Anyone else having a problem paying eBay invoice on PayPal

  1. I have been trying all day (since midnight last night) to pay an eBay invoice via PayPal. I can see my invoice, then when I click "Continue" to go to PayPal, it brings me to a more or less blank PayPal screen and the title bar on the internet explorer says "Page Not Found - PayPal". I can sign into PayPal via the normal process, but don't see any info regarding my outstanding eBay invoices.

    Neither site has any announcements regarding this problem, and when I've called PayPal... they don't seem to have any information about it.

    Is anyone else having this problem trying to pay an invoice today?:confused1:
  2. I paid my invoice yesterday, around mid-afternoon. I was having a problem too, but I keep refreshing and eventually it showed up. I didn't even think it was happening to other people. I just thought it was my comp.
  3. I've done a lot of spending in the last 24 hours and each transaction went off without a hitch. PayPal may be experiencing momentary glitches. Good Luck!
  4. Clear out your cache and try again.
  5. I phoned PayPal customer service twice now, and contacted eBay LiveHelp. The Customer Service people seem to be *vaguely* aware that there is a problem at the moment... but really don't have any more info on it.

    Tried clearing the cache anyway... didn't help.