Anyone else having a hard time?

  1. So I've been done with school since March, and I still can't find a job. I read somewhere that this year there are more job openings than any other year in the past (am I wrong?) Anways, for me it seems harder. Alot of my friends who already graduated still haven't found a job either.
    I'm so bump out from interviews after interviews. :sad:

    Any of you out there are also had a hard time looking for a job? Please share
  2. I've been looking for a job since last November. I still haven't found one. I've barely got interviews and I apply to so many job postings. My one classmate I went to school with was at a dead end job and she ends up getting into a nice big oil and gas company before I do and she has no experience whereas I have 3 yrs worth. It sucks but seriously u just have to keep trying. I have an interview on Monday with a smaller oil and gas company. I hope to get that one and get out of my dead end job. I graduated in December.
  3. Good luck on your interview on Monday 4evereternity
  4. I graduated last June, but went a totally different direction with it and was working as an optician. I got bored of it and realized it wasn't ultimately what I wanted to I've decided to go back to school to become an elementary teacher.
  5. My students have told me it's rough out there...
  6. Have you done your research on how to interview? Sometimes it can help to prepare questions for the people interviewing you, and to be ready with good answers if they throw you a doozie. Any book store has loads of books on how to interview well. Maybe you can also do mock interviews with friends. BTW, was field are you in?
  7. I'm still looking for a job too . . .
  8. I'm in Business, Human Resource. I don't think it was so much the interviews as to the mis-matched in jobs. I don't have any HR experience so it's hard to find a HR job, even entry level. I have several retail experience, but I kinda don't wanna do retail anymore. Lately, I decided just to go for almost any entry level position. I guess you can say I'm desperate now.
  9. Out of curiosity, what industries are you all searching in?
  10. I think it definitely depends on the industry... and if you're applying to a wide range of positions, just make sure you are good at personalizing the cover letters and tailoring to the positions. I think it is really important to follow up on everything as well....

    ...and when all else fails, use connections! Seriously... most people I know received their first jobs out of college through connections. My first job I didn't but it wasn't where I wanted to be, for my second one I had to pull some strings, but it was totally worth it because I love it!
  11. I totally agree