Anyone else having a BBQ today?

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  1. We are! :tup:

    This is the first party we're having at our new house. I am making some pasta salad right now and have the watermelon and iced tea chilling in the fridgie!

    And wouldn't you know it, it's RAINING :nogood:

    But hey, as us folks in the NW say, if you let rain stop you, you'd never do anything! :P
  2. Yep! :tup:

    Burgers are on the grill along with hot dogs and steaks and ribs! YUM!!! :biggrin:
  3. woooo sounds nice Roo!

    Rain's nice, i like the rain, as long as it doesn't put out the BBQ fire!!! LOL

    Iced tea and watermelon is perfect for BBQ!! I was just thinking of yummy BBQ food though... nice chunk of medium steak, chicken, sausages, grilled squid, Ooohhhhhh

    I hope you have lots of fun with the BBQ and friends!!

    LStella: your BBQ food sounds very yummy too!! I love hot dogs!! bratwursts especially... OOOOOHHHH!
  4. oooooooh i had one yday! we all got pretty drunk and i woke up to alot of mess this morning but hey we got it cleaned pretty quick!

    good luck with the bbq! raining wer i am :sad: boooo
  5. oooh I wish, its a really cold, damp grey day today here. No barbies here ;)
  6. No BBQ here - Cold, wet and windy here, could almost be Nov not May.
  7. a bunch of my friends and i are having one this afternoon. i'm so excited, i can't wait to get some yummy food in my stomach!
  8. have a great BBQ!
  9. Same here.
  10. we had one yesterday.. we bbqed veggies, steak and chicken.. it was the perfect day!
  11. Yummm, kiss! Sounds delish!
  12. Yep! We're having steaks, beer, corn on the cob and strawberries with homemade whipped cream. YUM!!
  13. I hate you.

    Sounds delicious... dying for some hamburgers and pasta salad atm.

    Have fun!
  14. Wish I was!! Haven't hosted one since I moved into this house. Yours sounds great though, may I come? LOL
  15. i was fortunate- i got to attend two!