Anyone else having a bad week????? CC Stolen...crabby DH....UGH

  1. UGH...I'm having an awful week...and am hoping any others out there can commiserate with me!!!

    The week started off OK and quickly proceeded downhill.

    On the homefront:
    DH has been crabby all week because he's been having a bad week at work. So of course, I hear it at home!
    It was his birthday this week....and the guy never gives me a list or anything to work I just bought him a bunch of stuff...which he *****ed about.

    Then the DH decided to use my bank card/check card online for some stupid purchase. CC # was stolen to the tune of 9000$ at Macys/Neiman Marcus. Fortunately, I found out quickly enough and was able to cancel the orders (but lo and crappy Wells Fargo doesn't even call and tell me...and lets my bank account go into overdraft - wtf? if there wasn't 9K in there why let it go 1K in the negative?)!!! Spent 3 hours on the phone this morning...and I want to file criminal charges too!

    My kids had an exam this week for intro psych. It was my first exam making and it didn't go so well. It turned out to be too easy and the average was too high (B average instead of a B- average). Then after deciding to give them 1 point because I realized I messed up a question (which increased the average even worse...but it was my screw up)...then as I was uploading grades I realized the computer screwed up and marked one wrong. ARG!!!!!

    Then I decided to give them a midterm review (where they review me...and yes it's considered midterm because I am co-teaching the class). And asked them things like what they like & don't like about the class and me. OUCH....I mean 85% were positive...and some were things I knew I should work on (slowing down my speech, etc.)...but some hurt. I should take them with a grain of salt...only 1 student out of 300....but still.

    Now I'm all down in the dumps....just generally bummed out *sigh*
    I can't use my bank account for retail therapy either because it technically is at -1000$ until they un-freeze it...which might not be until next week.

    Anyone else having a really crappy week?????
  2. Oi darling I'm sorry about your crappy week! I can tell you about my crappy wednesday... was up in the storage room wearing my hot, new candy apple red patent leather heels when bam! A big metal office supply holder fell right on my foot. Dented my shoe! and I thought I broke my toe. Limp downstairs, and rest for a bit.

    Phone rings later on, I dash upstairs and BAM. Trip and fall... all the way down. Hit my leg on two different places in two stairs - I now have to big lumps and bruises - perfect for the wedding I'm in tomorrow (did I mention I have a cold?)

    And then! yesterday on the way home, I'm at a stoplight, look down for a second when BOOM. Guy in front of me let his clutch out, rolled back and hit me. I groan, get out, the driver says something in spanish. I look at my car - no damage. Light turns green, he gets in and floors it. So I have to speed up to him to get his license plate number. As soon as I do, he's gone.

    Thank GOD its friday. Now, as long as I don't trip down the church aisle, I'll be all good...
  3. Oh Twiggers *big hugs*, I'm sorry you're having such a crappy day. Look on the bright side, at least it's Friday, so no kids and hopefully your DH's disposition will improve since the weekend is coming and your cc problem will be resolved so you can get a new Bbag to make it all better! :p
  4. Oh Naomi I am sending great big cyber hugs!

    only a week or so ago your bank wouldn't let you get grocercies because of limits etc but now it's OK for someone to go on a $9000 shopping spree?!?!?!?!?

    I know it's hard with the kids but you do have to try and ignore it they only said to get a rise out of you.

    Why not get a bottle of wine, big bar of chocy, face pack and a great big pamper night you deserve it girl.

  5. Big hugs!!! My week hasn't been that great either....VERY stressful at work and on top of it I had to stay home today because of a really bad cold. I feel like crap, and I have such a busy weekend that I have to find a way to get better fast!! Things will get better.....the week is almost over!

  6. Well, it's a bad day for is my dad's birthday and he died 20 years ago. He would be 57 today...died at the age of 37 from a brain tumor. My week has been kind of crappy because I miss him so much.
  7. I'm sorry that everyone is having such a horrible week. I thought that my week had been pretty bad, but now I see that I was definitely having a not so bad week. Hope that the weekend is better!
  8. Twiggers *hugs* will willingly swap your week for mine.

    Looks like alot of PFer's are having rough weeks right now. Mine involves work drama every day this week as well as having to deal with an abusive ex on a professional level who tried his damdest to turn it personal and managed to turn me into a jibbering idiot (thankfully not in front of him).
  9. Sorry Twiggers ... I understand bad weeks!

    I went to a wedding last weekend with my DH--his BF from college--and I ended up spending the whole weekend at the hotel while he was out with his college buddies. And we've been fighting ever since. :blah:

    I'm glad you caught that charge on your cc ... I can't think of anything worse, especially when you're in the middle of amassing the greatest collection of twiggys ever!

    Big HUGS to EVERYONE having a rough week and here's to a better weekend!:drinks:
  10. Aww, I'm sorry Twiggers! It's so hard to get over a week like that because there's just that constant build up of bad things, instead of just one big one. I had one of those last week, so I know how you feel. Hope things start looking up for you soon! :flowers:
  11. Thanks everyone!!! And big hugs to those also having a bad week!!!

    Claire: yea....go figure...they shut down my card for small purchases (when I had tons of money in it extra) and now they let 9K go through and let it go overdraft by 1K....go figure!!! And this all happens as we're transitioning to another new bank!!!
  12. Hope your week gets better..
  13. awe!
    Hope it all gets better soon girl...we r here for ya!!!

    I too had a crappy week....I wouldnt know where to begin..HEEHEE!!!!!
    (do what I did..I booked a trip with Jillybean to South Beach for a girls weekend!!!!!)
  14. I'm sorry, I do hope your week ends well though! :smile:

    This has been an AWFUL week for my family! I don't know what the hell happened...

    First, one of my Dad's industrial buildings burned to the ground. Second biggest fire in the history of our town.

    Hour after I found out, I tripped coming out of my house and sprained my foot, busted up my knee and the top of my other foot; limped badly for 3 days.

    Four hours after that, my sister fell through plywood into a hole, sprained her wrist, sprained her leg, had to be taken to the hospital; she couldn't call us because her phone broke in the fall.

    Just before that, my Mom had to rush to the doctor because something from her surgery a few weeks ago had gone wrong.

    My uncle went into the hospital yesterday, thank goodness he'll be fine.

    The people at my Grandmother's sister's nursing home called her to tell her that her 85 year old sister was put into the hospital and may die; panicked, my grandmother called her whole family, only to have the nursing home call back two hours later to apologize and say that they had the wrong name, and her sister was just fine.

    I'm so glad the week is over!!! lol
  15. Big hugs, Twiggers{{{{{HUG}}}}