Anyone else have this problem....

  1. i love the colors and leathers that are really special and eye catching BUT now I have NO practical bags. I turned down and swift orange kelly today becaus i cant take another bright color..........but now i sort of regret it.........
  2. erm .... I don't think I quite get your predicament. Why should bright coloured bags be equated with impracticality?

    What's your real concern?
  3. Dear Ms. H:

    Is it possible to call the store tomorrow and see if your KELLY is still available for you?!

    I've turned town 1 BJ in Lindy and later kicked myself for it and now it is HARD to find another 1... I have BJ already in PB... I think if it was RED, I could NOT say 'NO'....

    What colors are you missing from your RAINBOW of colors?! Maybe that's "THE ONE" you need?!
  4. that i dont own a black bag!!! sometimes you dont want to have a bag that screams hermes twice --I am making a bad joke. meaning its one thing to have a black kelly but then if you have an orange or fire engine red one its over the top..............and i have nothing that is low key (purple, green, turquoise....)
  5. I feel ya. :smile: You love the brights but feel you need one or two just nice, trusty basic bags in something like black or gold?
  6. Its not like my bags are croc birkins or anything --dont mean to imply that I have this amazing collection (plume, kelly28...)

  7. YES! but then I got offered a black or gold togo kelly the other day and i said no b/c they seemed boring. I am seeing the writing on the wall all of sudden and it is saying I need therapy:wtf:
  8. ahhhh .... how would you like us to enable you to get your first neutral H bag :nuts: :graucho:
  9. maybe you are waiting for the 'boring color" with the leather you love! sometimes leather can change the whole perspective!
  10. Hmmm, do you own something in Rouge H or Blue Jean - colors that can act as neutrals?

    Or maybe try graphite Clemence?

  11. AH HA!:nuts:

  12. no. i have been staring at this 32HAC rouge garance epsom PHW...(that I just bought and told my SA I was returning tomorrow)

    I own the following:
    green box

    i am a cool color person so thus my reluctance with browns, tans, gold, orange etc

  13. are you a sagittarius?
  14. No. A Taurus. :p What are the stars saying? Are we supposed to get along?
  15. mmmmmmmm no idea but you have spark (le) -y way about you that just tickles me! your comments are great!