Anyone else have this problem with snail mail?

  1. I bought a bag on ebay about a week ago, and I sent a money order in a normal, hand-labeled envelope through USPS. I live in wisconsin and the letter was addressed to missouri. I mailed this letter last friday, the 14th. Does it really take over a week for a letter to go just two states away??

    I'm getting worried :sad:
  2. The PO wil tell you don't start asking or worrying until 14 days . . . 1st Class I assume? They quote up to 14 dyas.
  3. I send mail from Oregon to Tennessee all the time and that usually only takes 3 days, so from Wisconsin to Missouri sure doesn't seem like it should be taking over a week. Did you put delivery confirmation or anything on it?
  4. i've had money orders stolen and cashed by postal workers. i'm not saying this has happened, but be aware it can. it's why i won't accept anything other than paypal anymore.
  5. Oh geez... A buyer from one of my sales sent a money order/cashier's check via snail mail (I think). She doesn't know specifically when she mailed the check--maybe a week ago, but it still isn't here! She's in NY and I'm in CA. We were thinking it's lost! Maybe it's still on it's way?!?
  6. Wow, that sucks. I mailed a gift card from CA to PA and it got there in TWO DAYS with just a 39 cent stamp. I think it's really touch-and-go. You never know about these things. I would send a money-order with delivery confirmation... how scary that a postal service worker stole your money order, organic!
  7. I'm sort of worried it could have been stolen, but it was just a plain envelope that could have had anythign inside of it, you can't tell what I mailed in it. That's why I have trouble believing that someone would steal it.