Anyone else have this "fight"?

  1. Hi ladies, I'm loving the shoe threads, everyone has such great taste :love: I had a funny shoe debate with my boyfriend over the weekend and I wondered if you ladies had been a similar situation...

    So I love high heels, love them, though I don't own too many pairs because they're not practical for my lifestyle (I'm a grad student, so I run around a big campus all day). Mostly I wear kitten heels and flats. But when I go out with my boyfriend I wear heels, alwaysalways! :amuse: Previous to the other day my boyfriend had seen me after a very unfortunate experience with strappy gladiator sandals (left no fewer than 7 awful blisters) and a little footsore after wearing a pair of strappy wedge heels all day and had finally had enough. He insisted on no more high heels! He said: "You're not allowed to wear shoes like that anymore, you're always in pain!" I just laughed...I really only have one pair of heels that are painful to wear after an extended period of time, so he's overreacting, but he gets so upset when he sees me limping around in even one pair! I told him that I'm going to be the granny in bright pink stillettos in 50 years so he better get used to it :lol:

    Anyone else have SOs who aren't too fond of your shoe fetish for the same reason? My boyfriend doesn't seem to care how expensive the shoes are, he just doesn't want me to be uncomfortable!
  2. Yes! My boyfriends have always been like, "WHY do you do that to yourself???"

    My new crush and I were walking around Berkeley. Like miles and miles. And I was wearing Giuseppe Zanotti heels! Oh man, I was crying inside but outwardly I didn't say a thing. I figure if I don't complain, they shouldn't complain either!!
  3. bf will offer to change shoes with me (anyone watch the Korean movie, "My Sassy Girl"?? :nuts:) but he never tells me NOT to wear them. This might be because I'm rather short without them. But like IntlSet wrote, if we're not complaining, nor should he! ;)
  4. My fiance knows that any long walk we take around a city will come to a premature ending due to my always choosing form over function when it comes to footwear.

    Besides,all my trousers are cut for heels. I cannot wear flat shoes with trousers because my trousers will drag on the ground.

    I have some cute flats...but for example Chloe flats are *extremely* uncomfortable to wear in,so that's no guarantee.

    he has,however,resigned himself to his fate:lol: .
  5. Mine always asks me if my feet are comfortable. I don't wear heels often, except to all the dances and when we're going out. He always asks if I need to sit down and rest. I agree with IntlSet, if I'm not complaining, he shouldn't worry!
  6. Haha, love the responses, but IntlSet, who's the new crush??
  7. My bf has told me not to wear heels, but I ignore him. I make him hire a cab everywhere we go. He just puts up with it. But hey, it's NY!
  8. My DH doesn't "get" why I walk around in what he calls "ridiculous" shoes. I'd love to see his reaction if we went out to dinner or an upscale bar with granny tenny's though...........:rolleyes:
  9. haha...
    i always wear flats, even when i go out with a guy...i feel very short(1,70m), but i prefer feeling short than feeling ridiculous(i know i know, i'm the only almost-woman who isn't able to walk in high heels...i try to wear them only when is necessary!)...
  10. yup, my bf always goes: "Don't wear those crazy heels, what's the point of wearing them if you are in pain"... Men just don't get the "no pain, no gain" theory. I pretty much ignore his shoes comments... heheheheh
  11. My SO doesn't care. He likes my shoes... He sometimes worries because he thinks i'll trip and break my ankle.
  12. Haha, oh, nobody special. :shame:
  13. Love that movie!! Hilarious :lol::lol:. As for me, I have no problem suffering for beauty- gotta love being a girl ;). But my poor feet :noworry:..
  14. lol Well I just recently started to wear heels casually since I'm at home for the summer and not living on campus anymore. He likes my "sexy shoes" (lol), but every time I start to stumble or when I'm limping in pain he always asks if I'm okay and holds me up by my arm.
  15. What are you suppose to do when all your jeans and trousers are cut for tall shoes?? My husband tells me that I should always be in when we are going to walk around for a bit, I make sure I am in a comfortable pair of wedges instead of heels....I really feel that you should look good and be comfortable. I see some women walking so strangely and funny because they cannot walk in their heels!!