Anyone else have the MiuMiu belted satchel bag?

  1. It's the one they have at NM and Sak's for $995 that is gathered with a "belt", single shoulder strap and gold hardware. I just got this bag and think it's really good looking, although I haven't seen anyone carrying IRL besides myself, LOL!
  2. It's my next "object of desire", I was thinking about the black leather with golden hardware...
    Please, post a pic of yours! I'd love to see it on you
  3. the one for 995 from Saks is the tote , I am pretty sure the belted satchel is 1080 and is smaller straps and handheld.I loveeeeeeeeee both bags.
  4. Yes, the belted satchel is $1080 - at least at NM. It is a fabulous bag. This is the one that is meant to be carried by hand, not over theshoulders.
  5. do you have pics of your bags, I would love to see it. what color is it?