Anyone else have the day off today?

  1. We get the day off as a holiday, so I had a nice long three day weekend to enjoy.

    So, anyone else with the day off..what are you doing today?

    As for me, nothing too glamourous....I went to the hockey game Saturday night (we lost, :crybaby: ), and then spent Sunday shopping for fall boots and makeup at Sephora, and then had Mexican for dinner (Mad Mex - awesome local spot! Mango margarita, yum!)

    So today, I am doing laundry and hanging out with my cats. I am also starting to put some of my summer stuff in my suitcase...I am going on a Caribbean cruise in less than a month, and it's so exciting to start planning your packing!! Woo Hoo!!
  2. Yea! I have the day off and have been enjoying relaxing for the first part of the morning. I am going to do laundry later on and hit the gym. And then I will go over to a friend's house to help her unpack from her move. Maybe tonight I'll do a little shopping!

    Enjoy your day off!
  3. No! I'm jealous...
  4. Yes i'm off today too - I work shifts so this is not so unusual for me.

    Nothing to glamourous for me either - on Saturday we went to the seaside (north Kent coast for any brits who know!) to look at property and then eat at a great Italian place. Sunday it was housework day and then cooking a roast with my other half - a lovely relaxed day. Today I worked out at the gym after all that eating at the weekend and i'm off on my driving lesson soon - watch out the pedestrians in Wanstead - only kidding!!

    I am going on hols too -New York and Miami/Key West so starting to think about what to pack too.
  5. Nope...Catholic University doesn't celebrate secular holidays :sad: And since it's Monday I have my 5 PM class...UGH!
  6. Yes! Well, I go to a Methodist University but recentely they've been giving us Fall Break around Columbus Day... so I'm enjoying a 4 day weekend!

    ... not to mention I have three tests when I get back :sad:
  7. Yup! I'm off. The only thing I'm doing today is going to the grocery store. Other than that, I'm gonna be a lazy bum.
  8. You guys are so lucky! I am here stuck in school! Waiting for my class to start!
  9. I always had it off in school, through college... but now that I'm a working girl... well, I have to work :sad:
  10. :yes: Same here. :hysteric:
  11. Nope I'm at work now. No days off until Thanksgiving well besides weekends.
  12. :yes: I'm off today! Doing laundry, making dinner, going to Costco. I'd rather be at work. OK. Maybe not, but I'm not doing anything fun.
  13. No. Waaahhh!! It's Thanksgiving over in Canadialand. But.I'
  14. Nope-hubby and I are both working. Hope you all are enjoying your day off!
  15. We dont have Columbus day off but i took a Floating holiday for today anywayz. I just have so much stuff to do at home, not to mention i have school tonight. *ugh*