Anyone else have Saffiano Lux in Two Tone or Bicolor?

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  1. I feel mighty lonely with my Talco/Baltic. Even started thinking about selling it. :sad:
  2. Love This!
  3. what do you mean by lonely? it's cool that you have something a lot of people don't have! :smile: i like it!
  4. Thank you kindly. I broke it out today for a little wear but then I remembered one of the things that bothered me. The 2274 size is odd on my petite frame. When carried, it is heavy and the handles pinch my arms. But when worn crossbody, it looks too long and too big.

    Any opinions? Suggestions?

    Keep or sell?

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  5. I am petite as well and also have a bi-color 2274. No problem with the size. I either carry the bag by hand or on my arm; I usually do not use the shoulder strap unless I am standing on a crowded train and want to free up my hands. I also have the larger 1786 when I need to carry more. I never feel that either one overwhelms me. You have a beautiful bag. Enjoy it!
  6. well it's definitely a personal decision. i sometimes think about selling a bag but then i just can't part with it, but if you feel like you can, then maybe you should? whatever makes you happy :smile:

    you seem to be petite, but you rock your bag really well in my opinion!
  7. I think it's a gorgeous bag and it looks great on you. However, there have been times when a bag just felt clunky to me. I know this sounds weird, but I had a hard time "connecting" with it (for lack of a better word) and it just never felt fully comfortable to me.