Anyone else have problems buying?

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  1. DH gave me the go ahead to order something for PCE. And now I just can't... do it. I have the Ocean Maggie in my cart, and the cow fob, and I can't push the stupid button. :sad:

    I'm kind of worried about the weight of the Maggie, and the color since I haven't seen it in person and wont be able to make it to a store until after PCE ends, so I have to order online. :sad:

    I know I can always return, but I'm weary to do that.

    No other bag on the website catches my eye at the moment, either. I'm also thinking I should wait until Friday/Saturday in case something else comes out.
  2. I debated & debated too this morning about placing my order online...should I get floral Sophia now or wait til I went to the boutique??? She sat in my cart for almost 2 hours.

    but then I decided if I went to the boutique I would spend too much $$ & be in the store for farrrrr longer than my lunch hour -- so I went ahead & ordered her!

    If I have any probs, then I'll go to the boutique...I still have time since I paid extra to get my bag overnited.
  3. The Mia Maggies is not heavy....I hate heavy bags...but as far as the color I think that's a matter of is a more blue teal than a green teal. Very pretty but might be too much for some. I like it and see a lot of clothes for fall being made in this shade and on TV actresses.
  4. Oh my gosh, I just saw all the new Sophia online and now my problem is, which one should I get?
  5. I have a leather medium Zoe that I consider to be heavy =/. I can't imagine the Maggie is much lighter?
  6. I never have trouble -- when I really want the bag, and I have a coupon... I just go for it. (Like I did yesterday when I ordered the Tartan Glam Tote, Mini and Wristlet...)
  7. Anyone else have problems buying?

    Kind of...I've seen several bags I like, but nothing I love and can't live without.
    I've decided not to buy anymore bags unless it's something I really love. I'm going to wait until the new floorset is out on Friday and go look to see if something jumps out at me, something that I can't leave behind.
  8. Yeah... i bought the Kristin leather satchel at Macy's with my VIP 20% off, because i didnt want to miss out on a sale... but .... I don't love it. Its still in the bag, with tag on... probably going back Friday. :shucks:
  9. I have not used my pce yet either. I am waiting till Friday to go to see what else they have with new floorset.
  10. I haven't really bought much this year at all, I think two bags?? One was <$100 at the outlet and another was around $280 on ebay and both were older styles.

    For some reason no bags have excited me since the Zoes last year and I stupidly did not buy a black one. Now the FP ones are impossible to find!!