Anyone else have one of these???

  1. I have in my collection a large 15"x12" Coco Bag, it is made of fine black boucle on leather with leather binding all round and in the side panels. The front panel has a Coco profile in shades of blue "suede". there is an earing made of 7 white pearls in a circle and around the neck is a red "crochet" necktie with a bow and also a necklace made of real red beads. The bag is shaped like a carrier bag and has laced chain straps. The bag is unused and sits in its dust bag and ribbon tied box and just comes out for me to admire every now and again. They may be quite common, but I've never seen another one, maybe one of you can enlighten me. Please don't ask me to post a pic I don't know how!!!!